Bill Shorten to stand for Labor leadership


Labor frontbencher Bill Shorten is set to announce his intention to stand as a candidate for the party leadership.

Mr Shorten is expected to hold a media conference in Melbourne later today to say that he wants to lead Labor in opposition, a spokeswoman from his office told AAP.

He will be the first Labor MP to formally put his hand up for the job.

But he'll have to wait until Friday's ALP caucus meeting in Canberra to be formally nominated.

Fellow former minister Anthony Albanese is thought to be another likely contender for the job.

Former trade minister Richard Marles earlier urged Mr Shorten, Mr Albanese and any other Labor MP interested in the leadership role to put up their hand by Friday's caucus meeting.

"This is a big decision for whoever decides to do it," he told Sky News.

"But I do think we need to have a sense of who's putting their hands up by the time that we meet on Friday."

He praised both Mr Albanese and Mr Shorten but declined to endorse either one as a preferred candidate.

Social media campaign for Albanese surfaces

A social media campaign is underway backing Mr Albanese as the next federal Labor leader, with supporters convinced he would defeat Mr Shorten if the choice goes to party members.

A day after being launched, the "Anthony Albanese for Labor Leader" Facebook page had attracted more than 700 "likes" on Tuesday evening.

The "albo4leader" Twitter handle meanwhile was reporting a spike in "albomentum".

The group claims it isn't connected to the outgoing deputy prime minister, and understands the Sydney-based MP hasn't yet thrown his hat in the ring.

"But it's obvious he's the best candidate to unite and lead Labor!" states a message on the Facebook page, below an image depicting a young, long-haired Mr Albanese from his university days.

One of the group's co-convenors Luke Whitington, a New South Wales Labor Policy Forum member, said Mr Albanese was a strong parliamentary performer and the best person to return the party to federal government quickly.

Mr Albanese had always proven he'd put the party before himself and had the trust of its rank and files members, he added.

"I think that if given the chance, he'd win a vote amongst the party members overwhelmingly," Mr Whitington told AAP on Tuesday.

The group is appealing for Mr Albanese to contest the top job under new rules which give grassroots members a say.

If there are two or more candidates, the leadership for the first time will be decided in a ballot weighted 50 per cent to the caucus and 50 per cent to grassroots members of the ALP.

Party heavyweight Bill Shorten appears on track to take the federal Labor leadership at a caucus meeting in Canberra on Friday.

But the unendorsed group backing Mr Albanese has demanded there be no backroom deals, warning Labor's rank and file members will be palpable if Mr Shorten were installed without a ballot.

"I think there should be more elections, there should be more democracy, members should have more of a say," Mr Whitington said.

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One has to spend time with someone to know if they are good or bad, and sad to say I have only met Shorten once for about 30 mins, during which time, he kept his mouth shut, and said very little, I wasn't impressed, now perhaps its time to inform how very glad I am that Bracks has been shafted, not only glad but ecstatic. I spent alot of time with Bracks, indeed I pushed for his election to Parliament when Kirner wanted Gillard for her seat in state Parliament and I wrote some of Bracks question on notice and without notice for State Parliament many times. I can say with qualification Bracks is a totally dis honest person totally unfit for high office and deserves to be kicked out by Abbott/ Bishop. The man would disgrace Australia.
Kevni has to stay. We need him to keep undermining the party from the back bench - he has, apparently, an excellent record in doing this. Good decision on Bracks - now why exactly did he resign as Premier of Victoria shortly after being re-elected? It is clear the ALP have learned nothing from their defeat - excellent!
Shorten would represent a disaster for the ALP, the review into the AWU will not help, how trustworthy is he ? what are his principles? we have seen no evidence of these. Albanese is at least consistent and one would know what he stands for . Perhaps after creating a system for the members of the Party having a chance to have a say those Canberra ALPers are seeking a way to avoid it . This does not look good for those ALP polllies in Canberra doesn't it just prove self interest in their retirement schemes
"Mr Shorten reportedly believes a single candidate should run for the leadership to avoid a contest between two or more candidates..." Good to see that democracy is alive and kicking in the ALP world of socialism! Personally, I think the Australian Looser's Party (ALP) should stay the way it is. That will keep it unelectable for 20 years - not long enough in my opinion. Reallistically though, the ALP is nothing more than the political wing of the unions. It is the means by which unions get themselves into a position of power. Since less than 15% of workers even belong to a union, this means that the whole of the ALP and its union machine is irrelevant. If they are going to stand for something that only 15% of workers (that's probably less than 6-7% of the population) believe in, they have simply passed into the annals of history of irrelevance and long may they stay there.
Interesting to note that revising this page, my quote from it has disappeared! Someone appears to have changed the article.
Oh dear! A choice between a Labor union hack and a person that has a decidedly nasty streak. Half want one, half want the other, Labor grassroots want a say too! (Has this rule of 50/50 been actually passed yet? I know KRudd talked about it, but I thought it couldn't be acted on until it went to be voted on at the conference next year??) A senate member wanting to hand his newly elected seat to a union hardliner that wouldn't have otherwise got a look in. We still have KRudd lurking in the background, waiting! Labor boyz upset because Bracks got the boot and are getting all indignant and emotional. So now it begins.......... LOL :o)
The coalition wish would be for Shorten to lead the Labor Party with Kevin Rudd remaining in parliament and being unable to risk the temptation to leak.Sooner or later there will be another Kevin for Leader push and Shorten will learn what it is like to be stabbed in the back rather than wielding the knife.
In my view none of those choices will ever regain the trust of potential ALP voters, since the candidates are all seen as tired political operatives with dubious union associations and very little charisma. Given that an Abbott Government should, to be fair, endure for a couple of full terms unless it falls flat on its face through its inevitable broken promises, the Labor Party needs to appoint a convincing, persuasive and eloquent leader who is still young enough not to be disposed of for the next six years. That person should also be free of the infighting and factional taint that caused Labor's abandonment, and should preferably be a likeable woman, to counter the Government's blokey line-up in the voting public's eyes. The best candidate is therefore Tanya Plibersek -- a tough, cool, and competent player who does not yet seem to be detested by anybody on her side of the House, and who is young and intelligent enough to grow formidably in the role. Today's ALP hardly deserves her, but she could well be its salvation.
TP was not too cool on Q&A on Monday evening, Patrick; George Brandis got right under her skin, and she lost control. She would be a disaster just like Gillard, Bligh, Kenneally etc who were all considered the best thing since sliced bread when appointed leaders. In my opinion, TP is sly, deceptive, a master of spin & deception, and she is tainted by association with "old" Labor. Personally I don't know what Labor's leadership solution is, and frankly, I don't care.
The fact that whilst TP conceded Labor got 0 out of 10 for 'Unity' but gave themselves 10 out of 10 for 'Governing', says enough of her honesty and willingness to confront reality. Easy on the eyes (am I allowed to say that?), silver tongued, plus presentable and persuasive? 'YES'. But conviction and character? Big 'NO'.
Yes Peter, the bullsh!t rolls off her tongue without even blinking or looking the slightest bit embarrassed. I am amazed others cannot see what a nasty piece of work she is. Wonder how she would ever go on a lie detector machine ?
You might need to watch the show again. Brandis and Kroger (who has even less idea than Brandis) were talking nonsense and Plibersek was returning it with facts and evidence. She was the cool one, whereas the other two were hot under the collar. Easy win for her.
Big win for the coalition.
Wow! This right-wing site certainly attracts the nervous, biased coaliton supporters. My case rests upon many of the comments recorded above Pity we can't read some more intelligent comments sometimes. Is it not possible to be balanced when one is "right wing" ?
Quite right, Philip. Unfortunately the comments from the local Neo-Cons are beginning to mirror those on 'American Thinker', one of the most oxymoronic websites I've yet come across. The ideological hysteria has certainly shifted rightwards nowadays -- and any disagreement is seen as 'elitist' if not downright Marxist. Closed minds make for poor debate and worse policy.