Telstra builds team for NBN talks

Telstra Corp Ltd has turned to a key member of its original National Broadband Network (NBN) negotiating team to lead its talks with the incoming coalition government over any changes to the NBN, according to The Australian.

The coalition has said it wants to scale back the NBN fibre deployments to cabinets on street corners while retaining Telstra's copper connections to homes, while also relying on Telstra's cable network for longer than anticipated.

Telstra has tapped Tony Warren, its former chief NBN negotiator and most recently its group managing director corporate affairs, to lead the talks, The Australian reported.

Telstra has also reportedly turned to Macquarie Capital to advise it, while NBN Co plans to reappoint Goldman Sachs as its adviser during negotiations.

Telstra is keen to preserve many of the provisions of its contract with the Labor government, in part because the $11 billion value of the contract to Telstra has proven to be a boon for its revenues and shareholders.