Report finds Asia driving clean tech firms

The Australasian Cleantech sector is profiled to a greater extent than ever before in a report to be launched this week at events in Brisbane and Perth.

The report is the fifth published by Australian CleanTech, a research and advisory firm that works for cleantech companies, investors and governments to deliver growth in the sector.

"This year we have found that whilst the term 'cleantech' has fallen out of favour politically in Australia, both Australian industry and the big Asian markets see it as one of their highest priorities. This presents a huge opportunity for Australian companies and, at the same time, will present significant challenges for our politicians," said John O’Brien, Managing Director of Australian CleanTech.

The analysis of nearly 1,500 Australasian cleantech companies reviewed shows the leading sectors of activity and which regions are most active. As a sector, the companies had combined revenue of $32.5 billion and employed 58,000 people.

Key Highlights

  • Sector comprises nearly 1,500 companies producing over 2% of GDP.
  • Employees over 58,000 people who are five times as productive as manufacturing.
  • The 'cleantech' term is politically out of favour but the fundamentals of improving Australian  industry efficiency and driving jobs, investment and trade are stronger than ever.
  • Asia sees cleantech as a very high priority and this presents a huge opportunity for Australian companies.

*Cleantech is defined as products and services that have both ‘economic and environmental benefits’. The sub-sectors of cleantech include renewable energy, water, waste and recycling, construction materials, energy efficiency, carbon trading and environmental services.

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