Amazon rumoured to lift lid on 3D phone is getting ready to lift the lid on a brand-new device, which could finally mark the entry of the online retail giant in the smartphone space.

Amazon has sent invites out for a June 18 event for a “new device unveiling” with speculation that the company’s long-awaited smartphone, with a 3D interface, is finally about to see the light of day.

If the video from Amazon is anything to go by the online retailer is betting that the 3D gimmick will give it the edge it needs to make waves in a competitive market.

As the Wall Street Journal reported in April, the Amazon smartphone will sport a screen capable of displaying three-dimensional images without the need for custom 3D glasses.

According to WSJ, the phone would employ retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras, or sensors, to make some images appear to be 3D, similar to a hologram.

It will be a handy feature and one Amazon may need to stand out from the competition. The smartphone market has little room for new entrants.

But Amazon has ample experience in the hardware space now, with the Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire tablet and the recent Fire TV set-top box.

However, a smartphone will hold certain unique challenges, not least being the deals it will need to secure with US carriers.

There are no details available on the operating system, carrier support or the form factor.