Greenpeace recruits 'Nemo' for reef bid

A new ad released today by Greenpeace aims to turn public opinion against the expansion of the Abbot Point coal port and the go-ahead of the Carmichael coal mine in Queesland.

It features a ‘Nemo’ fish circling his watery home inside a kitchen blender. ‘Nemo’ faces a grim fate if a decision is made to flick the power switch. Multi-award winning actor Richard Roxburgh has voiced the 30-second TV ad as part of Greenpeace’s Save the Reef campaign.

Greenpeace said the new urged Australians to "face up to the precarious future of the Great Barrier Reef, likening Nemo’s home to a fish in a blender".

A similarly disastrous outcome awaits the Great Barrier Reef if Queensland’s Carmichael mega mine and dredging for the related port expansion at Abbot Point is allowed to proceed, Greenpeace said.

“The expansion of Abbot Point means dredging around 3 million tonnes of sea floor to clear the way for thousands of extra coal ships through the Great Barrier Reef,” said Greenpeace program director Ben Pearson.

“Right now, Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s finger is on the button. If he presses go, the consequences for Australia’s most precious natural place will be dramatic.”

The Carmichael mine, to be operated by Indian conglomerate Adani, itself would be the biggest ever seen in Australia. It would include six open cut pits and five underground mines. Measuring 28,000 hectares – five times the area of Sydney Harbour - the mine will also extract billions of litres of water every year from local rivers and aquifers.

Burning the coal would produce four times the fossil fuel emissions of New Zealand, Greenpeace said.