Australian Election

Labor still ahead in Vic polls

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Labor holds lead over govt just over a week out from state election.

Australia's housing policy is a total con job

The great Australian dream of owning your own home is no longer achievable for most young Australians.

The rising tide of inequality will soon flood Australian political debate

Forget the Tea Party, a new trend in American politics looks set to put inequality and the future of the middle class front and centre of Australia’s political contest.

PM announces union taskforce

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Joint federal, Vic police taskforce established to crack down on construction union corruption.

Victoria budget surplus hits $2bn

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Vic treasurer unveils biggest surplus in 15 years in government's annual financial report.

Tax breaks reintroduced for employee share schemes

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Federal government will unwind Labor's tax treatment, establishes five industry growth centres.

Vic Labor unveils $1bn jobs plan

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Opposition leader announces plans for 100,000 jobs.

Qld's next premier uncertain

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Premier Campbell Newman at risk of losing his seat despite recent poll lift.

Pound hits 2-year high on Scottish result

The British pound has surged to a more than two-year high against the euro as Scotland votes against independence.

British pound rises as survey shows Scottish ‘no’ vote ahead

The pound rose sharply against the US dollar in Asian trading after initial results from Scotland’s independence referendum favoured the ‘no’ vote.

Waiting for sense to return to the RET debate

While political emotion and ideology is clouding the RET game, the renewables business needs to get on with setting a workable target to carry them through the next 15 years.

Picks of the week

In this week's essential reading guide, Bartholomeusz puts his stamp on Australia Post's poor results, and Gottliebsen criticises the influx of misinformation being published about self-managed super funds.

Can Shorten do the hard yards to bring Labor back?

The damage Labor inflicted upon itself during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years has left a disruptive legacy for Bill Shorten to tackle. He must be more than an Abbott-style opposition leader.

One year on, our 'infrastructure Prime Minister' is still poised with a shovel

Last September, the government promised vital infrastructure projects would be underway across the country within 12 months. It's time to check the report card.

Economy damaged by politics: McKibbin

Former RBA member says election may be needed to help end ‘populist’ politics.

Labor needs new candidates, early

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Submissions to internal review reveal bitter disappointment at election loss.

The last thing Abbott needs is an early Victorian election

If the crisis unfolding in the Victorian parliament results in an early election, voters are likely to register a protest vote against the increasingly unpopular federal government.

Abbott's tax betrayal will cost him dearly

Tony Abbott’s call for an income tax levy is a broken promise and a blow to Australian democracy. Coalition voters are taking note.

WA Senate election results declared

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Formal declaration of results of re-run election shows extent of swing to Greens, PUP.

WA senate election results finalised

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Final results confirm three WA senate seats for Liberals and one each for Greens, ALP and PUP.