Australian Election

Abbott's policy muddle is taking its toll

Tony Abbott's inability to stay on message is having a disastrous effect on his popularity, and is starting to alienate his most ardent supporters.

Greens claim second seat in Victoria

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The Greens win an historic second seat in the Victorian parliament.

Two Vic seats still too close to call

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Seats of Prahran and Frankston still remain on knife-edge more than a week post-election.

A reshuffle would put Abbott under pressure

A reshuffle in the new year could be an opportunity for Tony Abbott, but he would have to implement substantial renewal to avoid criticism.

Victorian premier sworn in

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Daniel Andrews and his ministry are sworn in, new Treasurer named,

NBN on track for 40% of premises by 2016

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Government says 40 per cent will have NBN by the 2016 election.

Labor concedes Melbourne seat to Greens

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The Greens win their first lower house seat in Victoria, with current count 681 votes ahead.

How clean energy played out in the Victorian election

It may not have been front and centre in the Victorian election, but voters' concern for climate change and cleaning up our energy supply played an important role in seeing the Coalition voted out after just one term, and could also cost Labor its prize seat of Melbourne.

Five seats still close in Vic election

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Five lower house seats too close to call, Greens confident Melbourne seat not at risk.

Three things Vic Labor should do to kick-start renewable energy construction

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There are several thousand megawatts of shovel-ready renewable energy power projects in Victoria that should be under construction and creating jobs according to the existing letter of the law. 3 straightforward changes that cost consumers little could make them a reality.

Could Napthine's loss be Turnbull's gain?

It is extremely odd that the Napthine Victorian government was tossed out after just one term. Anger over the Abbott Government is heavily to blame. They need Turnbull's talent in Treasury to turn the tide of anger.

Victoria's lesson is not about Abbott

The real lesson of the poll result is that while we all want better services, we don't appear ready to pay for them.

What lies beneath the Vic election: tax

The big tax squeeze is the key to the Victorian election results.

Labor holds narrow lead in Victoria

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Three separate polls have Labor with a very narrow lead ahead of Saturday's state election.

Early votes for more than one million Vics

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More than one million Victorians have already voted in tomorrow's election.

Melbourne renewable energy industry hit by job losses

Survey of Melbourne-based renewable energy businesses finds they've shed nearly 10% of employees due to government undermining confidence in RET.

In Victoria, Julie Bishop is the popular face of an unpopular government

The federal government might be on the nose in Victoria, but Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is viewed as a vote-winner.

Labor on track for Vic election win

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Latest poll tips victory for Daniel Andrews-led opposition on Saturday.

Vic govt promises $12b, ALP $10b

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Victorian parties price policy promises ahead of state election.

Vic Labor releases election costings

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Labor will cut political advertising, infrastructure to fund election commitments.