Federal Budget

Budget strategy has ‘failed’: Palmer

Clive Palmer says Abbott govt needs to come up with a plan for growth: report.

Keep debt below 30% of GDP: S+P

Ratings agency warns Australia must keep a lid on government debt to keep AAA rating.

Consumer confidence rebounds: ANZ

by AAP
Weekly survey completely recovers from federal budget, in line with business confidence.

Hockey says budget too soft: report

Treasurer believes PM was too cautious, wanted earlier pension changes.

Consumer confidence jumps: ANZ

by AAP
Weekly survey finds sentiment broadly back in line with pre-budget levels.

A better alternative to paid parental leave

Instead of wasting money on an extravagant paid parental leave scheme, Abbott should redirect the funds towards childcare, which would boost female workforce participation and benefit the budget.

Make business pay for budget: ACTU

Unions will seek to pass on cost of proposed fuel excise increase and GP co-payment to employers.

Budget faces $17bn blow: report

Senate block of plans to axe expenditure related to mining tax set to hit budget.

Govt rejects Senate MRRT amendments

by AAP
Mining tax stays as govt refuses Senate plan to repeal bills, keep associated spending.

Hockey budget 'unacceptable': Palmer

MP says govt will need mini-budget or return to polls as budget unacceptable to most voters.

Budget hole to widen to $41bn: report

Resistance to removal of business tax breaks could extend budget black hole.

ATO cuts could slash govt revenue

Staff reduction at Tax Office may see govt lose $1bn in potential revenue: report.

PM challenges Senate on savings

by AAP
Abbott urges crossbench senators to come up with savings to offset their budget blocks.

Palmer to back $700m in tax cuts

by AAP
PUP, Liberal Democrats, Family First want to keep previous Labor govt's plans.

Tinkering with education will tear through Australia’s social fabric

University fee deregulation is likely to skew students away from healthcare and education as they seek out degrees that offer the highest return on investment. The flow-on effects to the housing sector should not be overlooked.

PM to consider co-pay alternatives

by AAP
Doctors cheer govt's willingness to look at changes to scheme.

PM seeks solutions for $39bn budget hole

by AAP
Abbott puts pressure on ALP, minor parties to find solution to deficit as $39bn in savings at risk.

Consumer confidence inches higher: ANZ

Weekly ANZ-Roy Morgan survey shows lift in confidence, but remains 10% below pre-budget levels.

Greens won't support fuel tax rise

by AAP
Minor party earlier said it would support measure if revenue went to public transport.

Greens divided on petrol tax

Party to confirm position today, may seek more conditions on approval: report.