Federal Budget

Treasury eyes salary perks

Treasury targeting savings of $900m over four years through clamp-down on tax breaks.

Tax hikes loom in budget: report

Govt to raise taxes in bid to find room to offer tax reforms at 2016 election.

Audit still a secret to Treasury

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National commission of audit yet to be viewed by anyone at Treasury.

Hockey tips retirement age of 70

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ALP commits to holding govt to election promise not to alter age pension.

Govt quiet on ABC funding cuts

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Malcolm Turnbull refuses to weigh in on rumours of cuts to broadcaster's budget.

IMF warns of $90bn debt rescue

Australia will need budget savings of $90bn to stabilise govt debt by 2030.

Measures to shake-up student debt

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Grattan Institute devises way to recoup more 'doubtful' student debt.

Govt rejects talk of GST change

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Hockey, Bishop pour cold water on suggestions GST change could boost budget.

Abbott soothes budget fears

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PM says services will be 'maintained and improved' despite tough budget.

Bowen urges release of Commission of Audit

Labor calls on govt to release Commission of Audit following reports of $60bn budget hole.

$120 charge to ‘go bankrupt’

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New personal insolvency fee has consumer advocates up in arms.

No one spared in budget: Hockey

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Treasurer issues 'call to arms', says budget fixes will hurt everyone.

Keep GST carve-up independent: ALP

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Opposition leader supports independent process for distributing GST.

Hockey warns on prolonged deficits

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Deep spending cuts needed to avoid record period of deficits, Treasurer says.

PM locks in deep budget cuts

Abbott, Hockey to pursue harsh measures, fear backlash if budget not tough.

Hockey warns of budget pain

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Hockey warns of budget pain as ALP says surplus delayed by Coalition plans.

Spending build-up to cause budget blowout: report

Pace of government spending tipped to drastically increase this decade.

Govt introduces FOFA changes

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Financial advice changes enter parliament, PM outlines other deregulation plans.

We have tax reform program: Abbott

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott insists government has a tax reform program, after former Treasury boss warns of tax crisis.

Peter Hunt backs Aust Post split

Key adviser to Royal Mail sale in UK says Aust Post should be split, partly sold off.