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Govt divided on Asia bank: report

Decision not to join infrastructure bank said to reflect internal disagreements.

UK rejects 'appalling' EU demands

by AAP
PM says he will not pay the extra €2.1 billion required under new EU rules.

UN prods China on HK elections

Human Rights Committee says citizens should be able to vote, stand for election.

China, 20 nations sign MOU on Asian bank

Australia yet to decide on infrastructure bank membership, Japan says questions remain.

Trade ministers in secret TTP talks

by AAP
Trade ministers to converge on Sydney to conduct secret negotiations for Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

PM faces US pressure on China bank

John Kerry asks Tony Abbott to steer clear of new infrastructure bank: report.

Natural gas markets spark fuel for thought

Cheaper natural gas is helping to make US manufacturing more competitive, but in other parts of the world gas prices are heading in the opposite direction.

HK protesters, government hold first talks on future of democracy

Officials stick to view that revoking Beijing’s election plan would be impossible.

Why ‘womenomics’ is the way forward for Japan

A major part of Shinzo Abe’s economic growth strategy involves increasing the participation of women in the workforce. The first port of call should be to reform its outdated labour market practices.

Infrastructure bank pressure builds

Australia given two-day deadline to sign up to China-led infrastructure bank: report.

Abbott and Obama discuss Iraq, Ebola

by AFP
US president thanks Australia for contributions against IS, says swift action needed on Ebola.

New EU Commission line-up approved

Three of European Parliament's biggest four voting blocs support Junker's team.

Global economic fears emerge at APEC

by AAP
Ministers agree on measures to fill $8 trillion gap in regional infrastructure investment.

China's coal stance ups the FTA ante

China's position on coal imports shows that it is ready to drive a hard bargain in FTA negotiations. Our miners have a right to be nervous.

How Beijing captured China's middle class

A new book on neighbourhood politics in urban China helps explain how the dictates of Beijing trickle down to the local level.

HK leader warns poor would sway vote

Leung Chun-ying played down expectations ahead of government meeting with student protesters.

HK readies for protest talks

Police brace for new clashes as officials, protest leaders prepare to meet for the first time.

China to repeal coal tariff after FTA

China will repeal coal tariff once free trade agreement is reached, after Hockey meets counterpart.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac seal deal to expand lending

by AAP
Government mortgage giants expand lending presence, after claiming banks sold them risky loans pre-GFC.

Hockey seeks coal tariff reversal

Treasurer wants China to reconsider move to enforce tariffs on coal imports: report.