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Abbott calls for international force to secure MH17 site

The Prime Minister wants a multinational security force to be send to the crash site in eastern Ukraine.

Rebels hand over MH17 black boxes

Pro-Russian rebels have also allowed access to the crash sites in eastern Ukraine.

UN passes MH17 probe resolution

Australia's push for independent investigation receives unanimous support of Security Council.

Progress seen at Ukraine crash site

Ukraine reports positive developments at crash site; Dutch to take over MH17 probe.

Russia presents its view of MH17 crash

Russia's Defense Ministry pins blame for plane crash on Ukraine fighter jet.

Leaders 'sterner' on MH17: Abbott

PM says Putin told him 'all the right things,' while international mood grows 'firmer'.

China's Xi hails close ties with Argentina

by AFP
Relations between Argentina and China are poised to reach unprecedented "new horizons," Chinese President Xi Jinping says.

The G20 must stand together on Russia

In the aftermath of the MH17 tragedy, Australia will find itself in a difficult position as G20 chair, especially if Russia's belligerence intensifies.

Separatists to blame: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry adamant rebels to blame for MH17 disaster.

EU threatens harsher Russia sanctions

European leaders build momentum for action against Russia after MH17 tragedy.

Iran nuclear deadline extended to Nov 24

by AFP
Iran and world powers have reached a deal to extend their deadline to strike a nuclear accord.

Russia can't control separatists: Robb

by AAP
The Russian government cannot guarantee it would or could control separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Russia faces criticism after MH17 crash

US intelligence blames plane crash on ground-to-air missile; Abbott hits back at Russian response.

Russian response to MH17 crash 'unsatisfactory': PM

At least 28 Australians confirmed on flight MH17 as US agencies conclude surface-to-air missile shot down plane.

Chinese soldiers to train in Northern Aust

by AAP
Chinese troops will train with Australian and US soldiers in a land exercise in the Northern Territory for the first time.

China's determination to be a great power

The key test of Australian policy is not whether they like it in Washington, Tokyo or Beijing. It is whether we contribute to stoking animosity between them, or help to damp it down.

Japan PM Abe calls for talks with China's Xi at APEC

by AFP
Shinzo Abe calls for talks with Xi Jinping during a regional meeting in Beijing in November.

Australia risks becoming collateral damage in the Asian history wars

Tony Abbott has inadvertently mired himself in one of the most hotly contested wars in Asia -- the battle over the memories of Japan's imperial and colonial legacy.

Tony Abbott doesn't understand the China challenge

The Australian government's new attitude towards China's foreign policy underestimates that country's determination to change the geopolitical order in Asia.

Former Chinese commander warns Australia on Japan ties

Retired general says closer links with Japan could jeopardise relationship with China.