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US considers relisting North Korea as state sponsor of terror

Obama administration mulls response to cyber-attack on Sony.

EU launches new trade dispute with US

by AFP
Subsidies for Boeing's new 777X jet program at centre of dispute.

HK finds no evidence of forex rigging

Hong Kong arm of global investigation says two attempts to manipulate the benchmark failed.

The US and Cuba take the first step towards reconciliation

Havana has much to gain from reopening to the US, especially as Venezuela teeters on the edge.

EU approves new Crimea sanctions

by AFP
Measures ban all investment, cruise ships as part of Russian non-recognition policy.

Merkel defends tough stance against Russia

German Chancellor says sanctions 'unavoidable' Kremlin's current Ukraine policy remains.

China seeks help on fugitives

Australia, Canada, US investigate visas of corrupt officials, China watchdog says.

A Greek olive branch for Steve Keen

It is not so much evil austerity policies that are crippling Greece, but its membership of the eurozone.

US announces thaw with Cuba

by AFP
Historic thaw in US-Cuba relations after a prisoner exchange between the two countries.

Canada tightens millionaire visa scheme over corruption concerns

Chinese money laundering fears prompt Canada to ramp up scrutiny of millionaire visa applicants.

Sanctions depend on Putin's choices: Kerry

by AFP
Top US diplomat says sanctions could be lifted within days if Russia backs down.

Jeb Bush explores presidential run

by AFP
George W Bush's brother throws hat into ring for 2016 US presidential race.

Iran raised concerns about Sydney gunman

Iran representative says 'psychological conditions' of Monis had been discussed several times.

China ‘voids’ Hong Kong rights

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Beijing abrogates the 1984 treaty it signed with Britain to guarantee the city’s autonomy.

HK leader declares Occupy protest over

by AFP
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He said that the demonstrations had led to "serious losses" in sectors including tourism and retail.

HK police move in on last protest site

by AFP
Just a handful of demonstrators are making a final peaceful stand, after the main camp was demolished last week.

Japanese vote a mandate for Abenomics: PM

by AFP
Abe pledges constitutional rewrite, economic push after weekend re-election.

Hong Kong chief exec declares Occupy protest over

by AFP
Police clear last remaining camp after 11-week sit-in, seventeen arrested.

China, Kazakhstan sign $US14bln accords

by EFE
Agreements on nuclear matters, resources and use of national currencies also signed.

Abe's early election gambit pays off

Shinzo Abe’s electoral victory can be attributed more to the unpreparedness and disarray of the opposition parties than any great enthusiasm for the LDP.