International News

Sarkozy announces return to politics

by AFP
Former president announces comeback despite ongoing graft investigations.

Bishop blames Russia at UN for MH17

by AAP
Foreign Minister says 225 of the 298 passengers have been identified.

Scottish first minister to step down

Salmond says party and broader Scotland would benefit from new leadership.

France launches first Iraq air strike

by AAP
Elysee Palace says target hit, other operations to follow.

Cameron outlines plans for increased devolution across the UK

PM honours pledge to give Scotland more powers, flags greater autonomy for other regions.

Business leaders relieved after Scottish vote

Shell, BAE praise referendum result, bank shares soar.

Calling time on decades of tax trickery

As the impact of corporate tax-shifting on Australia grows aggressively, the G20 will be a fork in the road for Joe Hockey.

Pound hits 2-year high on Scottish result

The British pound has surged to a more than two-year high against the euro as Scotland votes against independence.

The accidental billionaire activists

From Russia to Argentina, the ultra-wealthy sometimes inadvertently strike a blow for liberty and the rule of law.

Stand-off overshadows China leader's trip

by AFP
Border dispute on remote frontier overshadows rare summit in New Delhi.

China’s charm offensive in Southeast Asia

Attracted by the region's cheap labour, abundant natural resources and growing consumer markets, Beijing is now determined to win over its ASEAN neighbours.

Plans for local atrocities bring the Middle East conflict close to home

Revelations of Islamic State's plans to commit atrocities in Australia are likely to strengthen Abbott's case for action in Iraq, but the commitment is not without its risks.

Poroshenko says Russia threatens world

by AFP
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claims Russia has put world security in peril.

Scotland's independence referendum opens

Latest poll shows 49 per cent in favour of union, 45 per cent for independence.

IMF wants G20 to set clear plan

by AAP
International Monetary Fund urges higher infrastructure spending, easing trade restrictions.

Xi arrives in India as troops face off at border

Xi, Modi sign multibillion-dollar deal for industrial park in Gujarat.

Facing the hard truths of multinational profit shifting

The current international tax system is broken, and it will take a substantial global effort to fix it.

Record turnout tipped for Scotland vote

Largest turnout for any Scottish poll on record expected for Thursday's independence vote.

Scots urged to seize independence

by AAP
First Minister Alex Salmond makes final plea for Scots to back independence.

Why Scotland's vote has Brussels spooked

Whatever the outcome of Scotland's referendum on independence, the political ramifications for the UK and EU will be severe.