Mix-up almost put Japan FTA on ice

Marathon talks on Japan free-trade agreement were almost derailed on Sunday.

China debates the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is seen by some in China as a plot to contain the country and others as a useful way to force further economic change. How China decides to deal with it will reveal a lot about its appetite for reform.

PNG drops sovereign wealth fund plans: report

Questions raised over Australian-backed fund that was to finance Oil Search stake.

Indonesia wants to be great power

by AAP
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Lowy report suggests Australia needs to be ready for a more ambitious Indonesia.

A Singapore sling is inadequate for unwieldy China

China is keen to emulate Singapore's success, but its lack of outstanding leadership, solid institutions and a strong rule of law set it apart from the prosperous city-state.

Asia risks going unnoticed: report

Index shows political risk high among some of nation's largest trading partners.

China accuses Japan of stoking tensions

Beijing says Japan has been misleading public with rumours on air defence zone.

Bishop puts US ties first: report

Foreign Minister says economic relationship with US more important than China.

Indonesia details export ban

Jakarta clarifies new minerals policy, which has pushed commodity prices higher.

The latent danger in Abe's amnesia

With regional tensions escalating, Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe’s decision to visit the controversial Yasukuni Shrine could not have come at a worse time.

Govt looks to soothe China tension

Julie Bishop met criticism in Beijing for comments on China-Japan dispute.

Counting on a Chinese olive branch

While there are concerns that tensions between Australia and China could impact the free-trade agreement process, escalating regional disputes may compel Beijing to ratify the agreement sooner.

Aust criticises Chinese defence

Defence zone in East China Sea could raise tensions: Bishop.

Iran agrees to nuclear deal

Some economic sanctions to be eased as parts of nuclear program halted.

Hopes grow for China trade pact

Free trade agreement with China could be reached within months: Bishop.

China leaders vow 'deep reforms'

Communist Party concludes summit aimed at setting tone for new government.

Japan can counter China: Abe

Japanese PM says Tokyo will be Asian hub for nations fearful of China.

Gillard chastises Obama on Asia

US sent 'really bad message' to Asia when it cancelled trip: Gillard.

China's 'wall of money'

An unprecedented liberalisation of financial markets in China is expected at the next CCP meeting. This financial free-for-all would have huge consequences around the world.

The local growth hoax ruining China's bigger picture

Career incentives have led to an explosion in local Chinese government infrastructure spending. But resulting structural imbalances are crowding out private sector growth and fuelling corruption.