Why Australia's relationship with Japan infuriates China

Beijing is demonising Japan for strategic reasons, but the Abbott government refuses to play ball.

How to counterbalance China's swelling military power

As China's military might increases, the US and its Asian allies should consider forming a coalition to offset its growing dominance in the region.

Politicians need to follow Turnbull’s lead on China

Australian politicians need to understand there’s more to China than a multi-billion-dollar trade relationship and assertive foreign policy, but Malcolm Turnbull is the exception to the rule.

India a threat to no one: Abbott

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Prime Minister defends uranium deal with India, says Asian nation is a 'model citizen'.

China must look to its past for future success

The Chinese should reflect on the historic foreign policy moves former leader Deng Xiaoping made in the 1970s to provide direction for the country's future relationships with both its Asian neighbours and the West.

Deal struck to heal Aust-Indon rift

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Deal to repair fractured relationship likely to be signed this week: report.

Japan's tax blues are only part of the problem

Comprehensive reforms are needed to lift expectations and boost confidence in a post-consumption era.

A new order in Asian regional security

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The lifting of the ban on Japan's collective self-defence has forced China to come to terms with the presence of another powerful military force in Asia, and is likely to have consequences for regional security.

Indonesian poll result set for court

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Loser of presidential election to challenge the result, team claims widespread fraud.

Joko named Indonesian president

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Joko Widodo has officially won Indonesia's presidential election, after rival withdrew.

Russia faces criticism after MH17 crash

US intelligence blames plane crash on ground-to-air missile; Abbott hits back at Russian response.

Former Chinese commander warns Australia on Japan ties

Retired general says closer links with Japan could jeopardise relationship with China.

PM praises deeper Aust, Japan ties

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Tony Abbott, Shinzo Abe say relationship between nations has become closer this week.

Abbott, Abe sign trade deal

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Japan invokes "special relationship" with Australia, opposition urges trade deal details.

Japanese PM to arrive in Australia

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Shinzo Abe to visit Canberra this week to discuss trade and security relationship.

Turmoil could thwart China's Middle-Eastern strategy

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China is investing billions of dollars in Iraq and Iran not only to secure its oil supply, but also to make it the major player in Middle Eastern trade. But the region's tumult could scuttle its Silk Road dream.

Consumers will win in the Russia-China gas deal

Strategists have portrayed the China-Russia gas deal as an alarming power shift, but consumers should rejoice, as extra competition in the energy market will push down prices in the long term.

Rebels control most of Iraq's largest oil refinery

Baghdad's ability to fend off insurgency in question as Sunni rebels take over much of embattled facility.

Militants hit key Iraqi oil refinery

Parts of Iraq's main oil refinery in flames after militants gain partial control of the facility.

Why China must tolerate democracy in its midst

A Chinese white paper on Hong Kong's political autonomy has raised the hackles of democracy activists, but a softer touch is required if Beijing wants to avoid any diplomatic and reputational fallout.