The Chinese warning signs to watch for

The factors that allowed the Chinese economy to grow so fast could soon exacerbate the sharpness of the slowdown.

Obama and Modi set a new course

Obama's visit to New Delhi is set to provide the US-India relationship with a fresh sense of purpose.

A slowing China doesn't need more stimulus

New data calls into question the assumption that China’s slowdown necessitates large-scale stimulus. Even if Beijing chooses this path, it's unlikely to work as intended.

Indian success requires persistence: Rio chief

Sam Walsh says that after many years of engagement in India he can 'feel the winds of change'.

Modi wants FTA in 2015: Robb

Trade minister confident a free-trade deal with India is achievable this year.

The Chinese empire's burning peripheries

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Crackdowns in Hong Kong and Xinjiang threaten Taiwan -- and regional peace.

China seeks help on fugitives

Australia, Canada, US investigate visas of corrupt officials, China watchdog says.

Abe's early election gambit pays off

Shinzo Abe’s electoral victory can be attributed more to the unpreparedness and disarray of the opposition parties than any great enthusiasm for the LDP.

Japan's Abe re-elected in landslide

by AFP
Incumbent Shinzo Abe secures easy victory in Japanese election, but low turnout clouds win.

The real picture on China’s state-owned enterprises

It’s time to really debunk the myths on China. Its state-owned enterprises are inefficient, but they still dominate the key sectors.

Korea FTA an early Xmas present

by AAP
The free trade agreement with Korea comes into force on Friday, giving exporters tariff cuts.

Indonesia Signs MOU to Join China-Led Infrastructure Bank

Indonesia is the latest country to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Bank.

Iran says oil glut to increase in 2015

by AFP
Iran says global oil glut to rise further next year.

Australia hints at offshore subs

Australia sends strong signal that submarines will be built offshore.

China stocks surged prior to rate cut

Chinese investors suspect interest rate cut may have been leaked prior to announcement.

Final push in Iran nuclear talks

by AFP
The clock is ticking on securing a deal to end the Iran nuclear crisis as deadline looms.

What major economies got right, or wrong, after the crisis

Why is it that the US and UK have fared better than Japan and Europe in the wake of the financial crisis?

Aust coal exports may weather US-China pact: RBA

The outlook for coal exports is uncertain but China will still have a “huge appetite” for Australian resources, says RBA official.

India-Australia trade deal in train

by AAP
Exporters to India could reap windfall as trade agreement, uranium deal slated for 2015.

Japanese PM calls snap election

Abe seeks mandate for delayed sales tax increase, will resign without majority.