B20 backs Abbott on China bank

Business group rejects concerns about Australia’s decision not to join regional bank.

Keating warns on China snub

Former PM latest to label rebuff of infrastructure bank as a mistake: report.

Aust should join China bank: Raby

Geoff Raby labels govt decision not to back China-led infrastructure bank a mistake.

We should welcome China’s infrastructure bank

China remains locked out of major global institutions, but plans to change that through the Asian Infrastructure Bank. Australia should join in.

Aust given time on China bank

Govt has until end of next year to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as founding member.

Investor visa moves under fire

New Premium Investor Visa faces criticism as govt contends it will reduce corruption.

HK protesters scrap vote on future

by AFP
Pro-democracy protesters suspend vote on their next steps due to planning problems.

PM faces US pressure on China bank

John Kerry asks Tony Abbott to steer clear of new infrastructure bank: report.

Natural gas markets spark fuel for thought

Cheaper natural gas is helping to make US manufacturing more competitive, but in other parts of the world gas prices are heading in the opposite direction.

Infrastructure bank pressure builds

Australia given two-day deadline to sign up to China-led infrastructure bank: report.

How Beijing captured China's middle class

A new book on neighbourhood politics in urban China helps explain how the dictates of Beijing trickle down to the local level.

Hockey seeks coal tariff reversal

Treasurer wants China to reconsider move to enforce tariffs on coal imports: report.

Aust relationship vital: Widodo

by AAP
Indonesia's new president encourages open communication in first meeting with Aust PM.

Canberra suspicion over China's new fund

China wants Australia to join an internationally-funded development bank, but questions over the plan are dividing federal cabinet.

PM signals closer Indon ties

by AAP
Abbott wants Australia's foreign policy to have a 'Jakarta' focus rather than a 'Geneva' one.

Vale to lower stake in Indonesian business

Brazilian giant secures deal to continue operations until as late as 2045.

Business sides with Beijing in Hong Kong

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The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong has ignited debate by warning that pro-democracy protests might be detrimental to business.

China's Li in Russia for Putin talks

by AFP
Chinese prime minister lands as Moscow deals with increasing isolation for the West.

China shifts from imitation to innovation

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Online payment system Alipay may be China's answer to Paypal, but like so many 'copies' it is starting to move well beyond the product it imitates.

HK protests start to dwindle

Student protesters and officials no closer to resolving standoff as numbers start to drop.