NATO tracks Russian planes over Europe

by AFP
Russian military aircraft 'conducting significant military manoeuvres' in European airspace.

Why Deutsche Bank is in analysts' sights

All eyes will be on Deutsche Bank as analysts pour over the ECB's stress tests. Germany, and its largest bank, appear to have dodged a bullet.

Europe needs more than 'healthy' banks

Despite ‘positive’ results from the ECB’s bank stress test, the region remains on the brink of its third recession in six years.

Pro-West parties win in Ukraine

by AFP
Pro-Western and nationalist parties score crushing victory in Ukraine's parliamentary polls.

EU may chase Aust gas: report

Europe could look to Australian resources to ease reliance on Russian gas supplies.

UK rejects 'appalling' EU demands

by AAP
PM says he will not pay the extra €2.1 billion required under new EU rules.

Natural gas markets spark fuel for thought

Cheaper natural gas is helping to make US manufacturing more competitive, but in other parts of the world gas prices are heading in the opposite direction.

UK exit would be 'historic mistake': Barroso

European Commission president warns UK against departure from the EU.

Shirtfront comment 'unfortunate': Kremlin

by AAP
Vladimir Putin's spokesman hopes Aust-Russia can exchange views 'in a more diplomatic way'.

Hockey defends PM's 'shirtfront' call

by AAP
Treasurer says Abbott's words reflect depth of 'anger and understandable emotion' in Australia.

Look to Asia, Hockey tells Europe

by AAP
Treasurer says EU must further engage with Asia, calls for local labour market reform.

US medicine won't cure Europe's ills

Markets now believe the EU is stuck in a Japan-style deflation trap. Worse, the American QE solution can't get it out.

DataRoom AM: Glencore eyes ASX

Talk of a secondary listing for Glencore on the ASX suggests a push to merge with Rio Tinto is still on the cards, while it’s crunch time for PanAust’s board as they weigh an offer from a state-owned Chinese conglomerate.

Juncker's multi-billion stimulus phantom

Jean-Claude Juncker has yet to assume the role of President of the European Commission but he's already revealing why there was so much resistance to his appointment.

The economic theory wrecking Europe

Flawed economic reasoning has caused immense suffering throughout Europe and distracted attention from the real causes of the crisis.

Building a new economics for the #Occupy generation

A new generation of economists is demanding that the discipline engage more closely with the real world.

The joys of forming a European government

The convoluted process of appointing new EU commissioners will likely delay the formation of Europe's new political line-up for some time.

Double blow for British PM

by AFP
One minister in David Cameron's team resigns, while another defects to UKIP.

Russia, Ukraine agree on gas deal

by AFP
Moscow says $3.6bn bill needs to be paid by late December to restore deliveries.

Worst is now over: Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the worst of the war with separatists is over.