EU to speed up Russian sanctions

by AFP
EU foreign ministers pledge stronger economic sanctions in wake of MH17 disaster.

UN passes MH17 probe resolution

Australia's push for independent investigation receives unanimous support of Security Council.

Progress seen at Ukraine crash site

Ukraine reports positive developments at crash site; Dutch to take over MH17 probe.

Russia presents its view of MH17 crash

Russia's Defense Ministry pins blame for plane crash on Ukraine fighter jet.

Leaders 'sterner' on MH17: Abbott

PM says Putin told him 'all the right things,' while international mood grows 'firmer'.

Separatists to blame: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry adamant rebels to blame for MH17 disaster.

EU threatens harsher Russia sanctions

European leaders build momentum for action against Russia after MH17 tragedy.

Russia can't control separatists: Robb

by AAP
The Russian government cannot guarantee it would or could control separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Russia faces criticism after MH17 crash

US intelligence blames plane crash on ground-to-air missile; Abbott hits back at Russian response.

Russian response to MH17 crash 'unsatisfactory': PM

At least 28 Australians confirmed on flight MH17 as US agencies conclude surface-to-air missile shot down plane.

Germany and US still 'great friends'

by AFP
US Secretary of State John Kerry says spying row doesn't diminish strategic relationship.

US mute on Germany spy row

by AFP
Germany expels CIA station chief in Berlin as tensions between two nations escalate.

Ukraine reclaims another rebel town

Ukrainian forces have regained control of another rebel-held town in the east.

Germany probing second alleged spy case

by AFP
Germany-US relations strained amid another case of alleged US spying.

'Turning point' in conflict: Ukraine

Ukrainian forces move to surround Donetsk after driving out separatists in several other strongholds.

Germany anxious over US spy claims

by AFP
Fears raised of fresh tensions between the two allies on new spying allegations.

Ukraine reclaims rebel strongholds

Ukraine vows to continue push against pro-Russian separatists after retaking two cities.

Sarkozy hits back at 'political' corruption

by AFP
Former president denies wrongdoing, alleges 'political interference' in process.

US pressure on banks 'blackmail': Putin

by AFP
Russian president says BNP Paribas fine linked to French-Russian warship deal.

Kiev, Moscow eye extension of ceasefire

by AFP
Vladimir Putin has called for new talks between Kiev and separatists as ceasefire expires.