Russian-flagged vehicles in Ukraine

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Tensions continue to mount ahead of high-level diplomatic talks in Geneva.

West considers more sanctions over Ukraine

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US says it is coordinating fresh round of sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

Ukraine begins 'anti-terrorist' push

President says push to regain control in Donetsk is 'responsible and balanced'.

Ukraine open to referendum

President not opposed to national referendum on greater regional autonomy.

Deadly clashes in Ukraine

Bloody standoff in Donetsk region has raised fears crisis could escalate quickly.

EU in balancing act on Russia

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Europe struggling to find penalties for Russia that won't hurt EU economy.

Four-way Ukraine talks set for April

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United States, EU, Russia and Ukrainian to sit down in Geneva.

Russia shouldn't use gas as leverage: EU

Putin writes to EU leaders repeating threat to make Ukraine pay in advance.

Four-way Ukraine talks announced

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Diplomats from EU, US, Ukraine and Russia to meet in Kiev next week.

Russians stirring 'chaos' in Ukraine: US

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John Kerry accuses Russia of an 'illegal effort' to destabilise Ukraine.

NATO warns Russia on Ukraine

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If Russia inflames crisis it will be making a 'historic mistake', NATO says.

Ukraine says Russia 'tearing country apart'

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New burst of unrest leads to death of a Ukrainian naval officer in Crimea.

Ukraine blames Russia for carnage

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Explosive allegations levelled after Russia lashes out against NATO.

Russia slams NATO's suspension

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Russia accuses NATO of succumbing to Cold War instincts after suspension.

Russian forces withdrawing: Kiev

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Gradual withdrawal of Russian troops from border linked to US talks.

Russian PM Medvedev visits Crimea

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Dmitry Medvedev the first Russian leader to visit region since annexation.

Russia, US to hold Ukraine talks

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US Secretary of State to meet with Russian Foreign Minister in Paris.

Russia vows no Ukraine invasion

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Russia says no intention to cross Ukraine borders, talks with US underway.

Russia must 'move back' troops: Obama

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US president urges Putin to start negotiating, 'de-esclate' situation.

UN rejects Russian annexation of Crimea

by AFP
UN refuses to recognise Russia's annexation of Crimea in Ukraine.