Gordon Brown to quit as UK MP

by AP
Former British prime minister set to announce that he is standing down as an MP.

Germany's elites reveal their true colours

Two high-profile scandals afflicting a prominent chief executive and a former federal chancellor shine an unflattering light on Germany's political and business culture.

UK may walk away from EU: minister

by AFP
Foreign Secretary says Britain may leave bloc if immigration reform not delivered.

Ukraine a frank topic of discussion: Putin

by AFP
Russian President says discussions with G20 leaders on war in Ukraine were 'helpful'.

Aust, Japan, US rebuke Putin over Ukraine

by AAP
Australia, Japan and the United States jointly condemn Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Abbott slams Russia's actions in Ukraine

by AAP
PM says despite disagreements he still treated Vladimir Putin with respect at G20.

The high cost of Europe’s race to the bottom

Hamstrung by the single currency, eurozone countries are going through the slow and painful process of internal devaluation.

Faster Aust business entry to UK

by AAP
Australians travelling to UK for business may receive new fast-tracking rights.

Can Juncker survive 'Lux Leaks'?

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The release of thousands of leaked documents implicates European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in a major corporate tax scandal, putting his career on the line.

Xi, Putin pledge to deepen ties

by AFP
China, Russia stress shared outlook which mirrors countries' converging trade and geopolitical interests.

EU extends UK bill deadline

by AFP
Britain gets until September 2015 to pay controversial 2.1 billion euro charge.

Europe steps towards better banking supervision

The new supervisor won’t mean the end of bank failures or bank crises altogether, but it can help reduce the systemic risk imposed by such incidents.

NATO tracks Russian planes over Europe

by AFP
Russian military aircraft 'conducting significant military manoeuvres' in European airspace.

Why Deutsche Bank is in analysts' sights

All eyes will be on Deutsche Bank as analysts pour over the ECB's stress tests. Germany, and its largest bank, appear to have dodged a bullet.

Europe needs more than 'healthy' banks

Despite ‘positive’ results from the ECB’s bank stress test, the region remains on the brink of its third recession in six years.

Pro-West parties win in Ukraine

by AFP
Pro-Western and nationalist parties score crushing victory in Ukraine's parliamentary polls.

EU may chase Aust gas: report

Europe could look to Australian resources to ease reliance on Russian gas supplies.

UK rejects 'appalling' EU demands

by AAP
PM says he will not pay the extra €2.1 billion required under new EU rules.

Natural gas markets spark fuel for thought

Cheaper natural gas is helping to make US manufacturing more competitive, but in other parts of the world gas prices are heading in the opposite direction.

UK exit would be 'historic mistake': Barroso

European Commission president warns UK against departure from the EU.