A bullish Fed changes everything

The Fed has finally acknowledged that the US economy is out of danger. Its latest statement is a game changer.

PM faces US pressure on China bank

John Kerry asks Tony Abbott to steer clear of new infrastructure bank: report.

Natural gas markets spark fuel for thought

Cheaper natural gas is helping to make US manufacturing more competitive, but in other parts of the world gas prices are heading in the opposite direction.

Building a new economics for the #Occupy generation

A new generation of economists is demanding that the discipline engage more closely with the real world.

Obama urges world to fight jihadists

by AFP
US president calls for more support for US-led coalition to defeat jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

US not acting alone in Syria: Obama

President Barack Obama insists battle with Islamic State 'is not America's fight alone'.

Poroshenko says Russia threatens world

by AFP
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claims Russia has put world security in peril.

No US ground war in Iraq: Obama

US president insists he won't authorise a ground war in the fight against Islamic State.

US wants 'strong, robust, united' Britain

by AFP
US cautiously wades into Scotland independence debate ahead of key vote.

US hits Russia's largest bank

by AFP
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White House actions follows similar moves from Europe to hit Russia's hip pocket.

Obama to hit IS fighters in Syria

by AP
US President says he is ready to expand the campaign against Islamic State.

US wants Aust SAS troops: report

by AAP
US pressing for Australia to contribute soldiers to help defeat extremists in Iraq.

Obama commits to long-term fight against Islamic State

US president tries to clear up accusations of mixed messages from the White House.

The return of Europe's sleepwalkers

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The US administration is obviously overwhelmed by the ongoing global tumult, but EU leaders don't even worry about not knowing what to do.

US should restrain Ukraine: Russia

Russian foreign minister says US should persuade Ukraine to end military campaign against rebels.

US govt likely to avoid shutdown

One month until funding deadline, US politicians suggest another shutdown is not on the cards.

US working on Iraq, Syria, Russia strategies: Obama

US President says no immediate plans for expanded military action, slams Russian incursion.

Germany spied on Kerry: report

by AFP
German secret service intercepted a conversation involving Kerry 'by accident' in 2013.

Rick Perry vows to fight indictment

by AFP
2016 Republican presidential candidate to challenge allegations of abuse of power.

US expands offensive in northern Iraq

America's military launches two additional rounds of strikes; Abbott concerned about Islamic State.