US budget deficit narrows in first half

US government back on track for smallest budget deficit in six years.

Russia must 'move back' troops: Obama

by AFP
US president urges Putin to start negotiating, 'de-esclate' situation.

Obama proposes end to NSA spying

by AFP
US president plans to end controversial bulk telephone data collection.

Russia retaliates with sanctions against US officials

Putin takes just minutes to respond to Obama's fresh sanctions.

US may send forces to Baltics

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Biden reassures ex-Soviet NATO allies; repeats warning of Russian isolation.

Biden warns Russia on further economic, political isolation

US Vice President speaks from Baltic states; vulnerable to Russian energy.

Putin signs treaty to annex Crimea

Russian leader reassures Ukrainians no further designs for territory.

Kerry-Lavrov talks break down

Russian Foreign Minister says ' no common view'; Obama warns of 'consequences'.

Obama to meet Ukrainian leaders

Doubts linger for businesses, especially banks and Boeing, dealing with Russia.

Ukraine's neighbours eye Russian gas hedge

by AP
Pleas for US to boost gas exports to reduce Russian dependence.

West, Russia further apart on Crimea: German Foreign Minister

Situation more tenuous as Crimean government moves to quicken succession vote.

Putin cooks up Obama's chicken Kiev moment

Barack Obama's preferred weapon of choice is diplomacy, but he’s yet to prove he knows how to wield it. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is a chance to summon a determination he has so often lacked.

Obama signs debt deal into law

Debt ceiling agreement now finalised after president signs bills.

US govt still pushing TTP

White House says it hasn't given up on Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Fast action needed on debt limit: Lew

US treasury secretary warns 'time is short' for plans to lift debt limit.

Obama looks to rally nation

President's State of the Union speech comes as approval rating sinks.

A high stakes brand merger for Clinton and Obama

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's political fates are fused together in a complicated brand partnership. The former rivals need each other to succeed and so a delicate endorsement is on the way.

Lessons in liberalism from New York's left turn

New York's new mayor, Bill de Blasio, promises to tackle the city's growing inequality by taxing the ultra-rich. Australian politicians should take note of the huge support for his liberal agenda.

The latent danger in Abe's amnesia

With regional tensions escalating, Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe’s decision to visit the controversial Yasukuni Shrine could not have come at a worse time.

Clinton decision 'next year'

Hillary Clinton nearing decision on whether to run for president in 2016.