US considers relisting North Korea as state sponsor of terror

Obama administration mulls response to cyber-attack on Sony.

EU launches new trade dispute with US

by AFP
Subsidies for Boeing's new 777X jet program at centre of dispute.

The US and Cuba take the first step towards reconciliation

Havana has much to gain from reopening to the US, especially as Venezuela teeters on the edge.

US announces thaw with Cuba

by AFP
Historic thaw in US-Cuba relations after a prisoner exchange between the two countries.

Sanctions depend on Putin's choices: Kerry

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Top US diplomat says sanctions could be lifted within days if Russia backs down.

Jeb Bush explores presidential run

by AFP
George W Bush's brother throws hat into ring for 2016 US presidential race.

Congress averts govt shutdown

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US Congress belatedly passes key $US1.1 trillion spending bill for fiscal year 2015.

Jeb Bush eyeing US presidency

by AFP
Speculation swells that George W Bush's brother will join 2016 presidential race.

IMF's Lagarde disappointed by US inaction

by AFP
As the IMF's largest shareholder by far, Congressional approval remains critical.

US House approves spending bill

by AFP
Deal reached amid government shutdown pressure.

US risks govt shutdown with spending bill

Republican leaders still looking for numbers amid risk of imminent govt shutdown.

What major economies got right, or wrong, after the crisis

Why is it that the US and UK have fared better than Japan and Europe in the wake of the financial crisis?

GOP sues over Obama's health law

Lawsuit focuses on policy changes made after Affordable Care Act was signed into law.

Obama ignored warning on speech

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President's attack on Australia's climate policies defied advice from Canberra embassy.

Aust coal exports may weather US-China pact: RBA

The outlook for coal exports is uncertain but China will still have a “huge appetite” for Australian resources, says RBA official.

Aust, US, Japan talks planned

by AAP
Tony Abbott to hold trilateral talks with key allies on side of Brisbane's G20 summit.

US, China reach tech tariff deal

Agreement to drop tariffs on a wide range of tech products could cover $US1 trillion in trade.

Obama faces an uphill battle on the TPP

Significant sections of Congress are opposed to giving Obama the fast-track trade promotion authority he'll need to secure passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Abbott to discuss IS, Iraq with Obama

by AAP
US, Australian leaders to hold a rare joint press conference post-meeting.

Detroit cleared to exit bankruptcy

Judge approves debt-cutting plan to put an end to Detroit's historic bankruptcy.