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We’re wedging ourselves to death

On a whole host of issues, political opponents divide the community and stir up fears that make actual progress impossible.

Australian self-interest through Asian eyes

Asian diplomats are too polite to tell Australians how they are really viewed from abroad. One policy area in particular is diminishing our standing.

PM announces $2.9bn road package

Federal govt to provide 20% of total road funding as second Sydney airport built.

Dutton hints at Medicare overhaul

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Health Minister calls for change, says healthcare spending trends ‘unsustainable’.

Audit still a secret to Treasury

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National commission of audit yet to be viewed by anyone at Treasury.

NSW premier denies receiving Grange

O'Farrell says he never received gift of wine from Australian Water Holdings.

PM downplays pension change talk

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Abbott vows to 'do the right thing' after Hockey's hints pension age could lift.

Lift pension age to 73: actuaries

Actuaries Institute reportedly calls for consideration of increased life expectancy.

Coalition trailing Labor: poll

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Regional support for Abbott government has slumped, latest poll shows.

Commission to uncover 'dark secrets': Abetz

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Minister says royal commission into union corruption will raise questions for ALP.

Hockey tips retirement age of 70

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ALP commits to holding govt to election promise not to alter age pension.

Australians cautious on foreign firms: Joyce

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Agriculture minister outlines worries on govt-owned firms buying local assets.

Govt quiet on ABC funding cuts

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Malcolm Turnbull refuses to weigh in on rumours of cuts to broadcaster's budget.

Mix-up almost put Japan FTA on ice

Marathon talks on Japan free-trade agreement were almost derailed on Sunday.

PM urges fast-tracking of China FTA

Abbott calls for acceleration of talks, hopes Aust can be nation's 'true friend'.

ALP factions split on reforms

Labor chieftain Joe de Bruyn dismisses calls to overhaul candidate selection.

ACTU labels inquiry a witch-hunt

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Union says royal commission serves purpose only as a smear campaign.

Govt rejects foreign house purchase

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Hockey knocks back Sydney house purchase by Chinese buyer as 'contrary to the national interest'.

Union inquiry to begin today

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Royal commission into union corruption to start in Sydney.

ALP president calls for party reform

Jenny McAllister is calling on faction and union bosses to cede power to members.