National Affairs

PM downplays Forrest welfare report

by AAP
Federal govt has no plans for welfare changes yet but won't rule them out in future.

Budget strategy has ‘failed’: Palmer

Clive Palmer says Abbott govt needs to come up with a plan for growth: report.

Is a local naval defence industry worth the investment?

With reports the government is considering switching construction of three warfare destroyers from its own shipbuilder in Adelaide to UK owned BAE, this video with Simon Cowan from the Centre for Independent Studies investigates why Australia's defence spending needs to be re-examined.

MRRT reaps $600,000 in June quarter

by AAP
Hockey says Labor's support of tax that is linked to $17bn of spending 'defies logic'.

No plans for tougher Russia sanctions: PM

by AAP
Tony Abbott says Australia's sole focus for now is retrieving bodies from crash site.

Axe looms over $8.5bn ship crisis

Abbott govt wants to sack its own naval shipbuilder amid plan to rescue nation’s largest defence project.

Abbott receives strong poll boost

by AAP
Prime Minister's firm response to MH17 disaster welcomed by voters: Newspoll.

Don't get your hopes up on party reform

With factionalism running through the blood of both the Labor and Liberal parties, democratisation is far from simple and may not elicit the boosts to membership each is hoping for.

Why don't they do it in the road?

Government expenditure on roads is 'hideously inefficient' and if Joe Hockey thinks the only way to attract super fund investment is to put the risk onto taxpayers then he is about to get screwed.

Govt to expand work for dole scheme

by AAP
Almost all jobseekers will be required to work for the dole under tough new rules.

Qld premier quiet on Davis switch to Labor

by AAP
Campbell Newman declines to comment on a former ministerial colleague switching to Labor.

Shorten slams 'arrogant' Hockey

by AAP
Bill Shorten says Abbott govt is 'unravelling from the centre and rotting from the top'.

NSW Labor pledges lobby ban

by AAP
Business lobby groups to be banned from meeting NSW Labor ministers.

Andrews heard Baillieu tape: report

by AAP
Allegations surface that Vic Labor leader listened to leaked tape ahead of its release.

Infrastructure Australia boss wants asset recycling legislation passed: report

Mark Birrell says program is crucial to start clearing infrastructure backlog.

Palmer’s ‘sham document made in a hurry’

Clive Palmer’s foe, Citic Pacific, believes it has found a smoking gun.

Searching for the ‘real’ Tony Abbott

The MH17 tragedy has led some commentators to focus on the Prime Minister’s ‘true’ character – forgetting that we’ve played this fruitless game before.

Hockey says budget too soft: report

Treasurer believes PM was too cautious, wanted earlier pension changes.

A better alternative to paid parental leave

Instead of wasting money on an extravagant paid parental leave scheme, Abbott should redirect the funds towards childcare, which would boost female workforce participation and benefit the budget.

Rebels hand over MH17 black boxes

Pro-Russian rebels have also allowed access to the crash sites in eastern Ukraine.