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Govt mulls Chinese property fee hike

News comes as Treasurer emphasises Australia is 'open for business' with China.

Beyond the dumplings and Asian festivals

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Australia's government and businesses need to put out the welcome mat to citizens of Asian heritage to take advantage of a wealth of expertise, skills and knowledge.

Picks of the week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler assesses our addiction to dividends, Bartholomeusz reflects on Qantas' massive loss, and Gottliebsen talks about how CEOs can learn from a new young player.

PM’s progress too slow: Ai Group

Leading industry lobby group critical of progress on IR reform: report.

Cheaper foreign workers under govt plan

by AAP
Employers allowed to hire foreign workers on salaries 10% below standard skilled migrant rates.

Barnett asset sales may only reap $1bn

WA govt chasing $6bn in sales by 2017, but first batch of assets may only secure $1bn.

Tas budget slashes public sector jobs

by AAP
State govt to shed 700 public servants, freeze pay; return to surplus forecast in FY20.

Truss says Qantas set for better future

by AAP
Deputy PM says latest figures have 'substantial shocks' but offer some encouragement.

WA asset sales aim to net $2bn

by AAP
State government lists three projects for sale to help reduce debt, regain AAA rating.

Labor wants Iraq briefing

by AAP
Labor has called for urgent briefings on any expanded military role in Iraq.

Pyne to introduce university bill

by AAP
The Abbott government is expected to take its higher education reforms to parliament today.

Abbott must not be fooled by Treasury's super trickery

Flawed Treasury reports have put self-managed super funds and pension tax rates in the firing line, but any changes to policy will see Abbott land in hot water with voters.

Something for everyone in the NBN cost-benefit analysis

The need for speed will ultimately determine the NBN’s growth, capacity and cost as well as the demand for technology across rural Australia and major cities.

The weak flank in Abbott's terror response

Australia is at a cross-roads in relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. By committing $13m in various programs to help young Muslims at risk of radicalisation, Tony Abbott has taken a step in the right direction, but it's nowhere near enough.

New super tax reels in $300m

Close to 100,000 high income earners have copped extra tax due to new super rules: report.

I won't apologise to China: Lambie

by AAP
Palmer United Party senator won't apologise for warning of a Chinese invasion of Australia.

Dividend franking is Australia’s beautiful curse

We need to kick our addiction to dividends to enable more investment in companies and infrastructure, which in turn will promote entrepreneurialism and growth.

Abbott mulls new RET options

RET review handed to government, freeze on scheme at current level in the frame.

Coalition NBN better value: analysis

Govt commissioned cost-benefit analysis suggests Coalition NBN to offer $16bn net benefit over Labor plans.

Plain-talking Palmer finds friends on Weibo

Clive Palmer's initial comments about China garnered extraordinary support on social media site Weibo, but his astonishing about-face has hung these internet users out to dry.