National Affairs

Infrastructure Australia boss wants asset recycling legislation passed: report

Mark Birrell says program is crucial to start clearing infrastructure backlog.

Palmer’s ‘sham document made in a hurry’

Clive Palmer’s foe, Citic Pacific, believes it has found a smoking gun.

Searching for the ‘real’ Tony Abbott

The MH17 tragedy has led some commentators to focus on the Prime Minister’s ‘true’ character – forgetting that we’ve played this fruitless game before.

Hockey says budget too soft: report

Treasurer believes PM was too cautious, wanted earlier pension changes.

A better alternative to paid parental leave

Instead of wasting money on an extravagant paid parental leave scheme, Abbott should redirect the funds towards childcare, which would boost female workforce participation and benefit the budget.

Rebels hand over MH17 black boxes

Pro-Russian rebels have also allowed access to the crash sites in eastern Ukraine.

PPL scheme benefits questioned

Govt defends leave scheme after PC report suggests diverting $1.5bn to childcare.

UN passes MH17 probe resolution

Australia's push for independent investigation receives unanimous support of Security Council.

Make business pay for budget: ACTU

Unions will seek to pass on cost of proposed fuel excise increase and GP co-payment to employers.

Warburton slams Palmer's 'crazy politics'

Head of RET review concerned possible changes to policy may be blocked in Senate.

Govt to review retirement income rules

Cormann unveils discussion paper on regulation covering annuities and pensions.

Leaders 'sterner' on MH17: Abbott

PM says Putin told him 'all the right things,' while international mood grows 'firmer'.

Coalition slide continues: poll

by AAP
Latest Nielsen poll finds significant lead for Labor as PM's 'trustworthiness' hits record low.

By-election loss a big blow for Newman

by AAP
Political analyst says extent of Stafford by-election loss for Queensland LNP worse-than-expected.

Russia faces criticism after MH17 crash

US intelligence blames plane crash on ground-to-air missile; Abbott hits back at Russian response.

Govt rejects Senate MRRT amendments

by AAP
Mining tax stays as govt refuses Senate plan to repeal bills, keep associated spending.

Politicians must dial down the volume of big business

The Abbott government's push to repeal the carbon and mining taxes underscores the great influence large corporates wield in public policy – sadly, to the detriment of the broader community.

Hockey budget 'unacceptable': Palmer

MP says govt will need mini-budget or return to polls as budget unacceptable to most voters.

Mining tax repeal leaves budget hole

by AAP
Senate backs repeal push, but changes to bill likely to see govt vote it down in House.

Labor slams repeal, miners welcome certainty

Federal opposition says history will judge PM harshly; BHP hopes for boost to competitiveness.