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Palmer cut $6m pre-poll cheque

New disclosure fuels speculation that these funds were also channelled into the PUP campaign.

Abbott names new head of PM's dept

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Howard-era staffer Michael Thawley becomes Australia's most senior public servant.

How Australia missed the fracking boat

The long-term environmental and economic benefits that the US extracted from the shale gas boom are yet to be realised in Australia.

NSW's Baird sees popularity jump

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NSW donations scandal appears to have done little to revive Labor's fortunes: Newspoll.

Keating warns on China snub

Former PM latest to label rebuff of infrastructure bank as a mistake: report.

Govt strikes Palmer deal on Direct Action

Policy to pass Senate after pact with Clive Palmer, Climate Change Authority to be retained until next election at least.

Palmer, govt to unveil Direct Action deal

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Palmer United Party deal on Direct Action climate laws expected to be announced today.

Replacing Australia’s coal-fired energy

To ensure energy security, Labor and the Coalition need to skip the politicking and work out what will supply tomorrow's power.

Premiers cool on higher GST

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Queensland, Tasmanian govts latest to call for caution amid talk of GST rise.

Aust should join China bank: Raby

Geoff Raby labels govt decision not to back China-led infrastructure bank a mistake.

Red tape war ups regulatory bar

Govt to unveil new blueprint to improve performance and accountability of federal regulators.

'Dumb' rules offer $250bn hit to economy

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Red tape from both public and private sector is costing economy $250bn, Deloitte says.

Labor calls for Iraq explanation

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Conroy demands details on comments indicating Australian forces could end up working with Iran.

Why we shouldn’t hate the GST

Australia faces a tough choice between eroded public services or an increase in the tax base. To achieve the latter, a GST increase is the clear winner.

Stop dipping into super savings

Early release of superannuation funds is increasing, including to help people deal with mortgage stress. It's a dangerous trend that should not be encouraged.

PM to be quizzed further on GST

GST plans the centre of a political storm amid talk of federation, taxation reform.

Retailers on deregulation trail

Nation's largest retailers throw down gauntlet to Coalition to step up pace of deregulation.

Palmer vetoes paid parental leave

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PUP leader says government's focus should be on improving childcare.

State premiers must save the federation

The federation is not broken, but it requires radical change. This will only happen if the political will is generated by the states themselves.

Aust given time on China bank

Govt has until end of next year to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as founding member.