Editor's Picks

In this week’s essential reading guide Bartholomeusz asks whether scale should be front of mind for gold miners, Burgess explains Australia's import addiction, and Pickering puts Canberra's immigration planning under the microscope.

Why an investor's Botox play should raise eyebrows

Investor William Ackman's sneaky bid for Botox-maker Allergan went completely under Wall Street's radar. The move is ripe for SEC scrutiny.

The Week Ahead

Results from ANZ Bank and Macquarie will be in the spotlight, while the US Fed's policy meeting is on tap.

Weekend Economist: Welcome surprise

A lower-than-expected read on core inflation will assuage the Reserve Bank's fears of a worrying upswing.

Why rural Australia is top of the crops at innovation

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The Australian agriculture sector's century-long experiment with collaborative research has made it a world leader in innovation. Other industries should take note.

Army lessons for Australian business

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Well-trained former servicemen and women are a significant asset to the country -- not only as a fighting force but also as a talent pool for the business world.

The truth behind Hockey’s magic number

Hockey’s planned budget cuts are predicated on a level of spending to GDP that his own side of politics has rarely hit.

ALP reforms a distraction: Sheldon

Right-wing union leader brands Bill Shorten’s party reform agenda a 'distraction'.

Howard audit trio back Hockey

Three members of former national audit commission back govt on welfare cuts.

Wesfarmers makes Healthscope inquiries

Wesfarmers doing ground work on merits of a $5bn bid for Healthscope.

Hockey slammed on ADM comments

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Labor accuses Treasurer of creating confusion over foreign investment policy.

Stockland mulls fresh Australand bid

Expectations are growing that Stockland is reworking its $2.4bn offer for Australand.

An extra billion for Direct Action

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Economic modellers have long argued that Direct Action did not have the firepower to meet Australia's emissions reduction target. Today may be only their first taste of vindication.

Brandis' confused climate comments

In his controversial remarks about the climate debate, the attorney-general confused the right to be heard with the right to be taken seriously.

The deal Transurban had to do

The Queensland Motorways network provides the last piece of the puzzle for Transurban on the country’s eastern seaboard, while the stiff competition in the $7bn sale reflects the scarcity of good infrastructure assets.

The business of royalty: The five richest monarchs in the world

The majority of modern royal families can be compared to a family business specialising in the theatrical. But there are a few who've managed to cling on to genuine power... and their vast riches.

Virtual reality: anti-social, or social aid?

Oculus VR has the potential to facilitate types of social interaction that go way beyond ‘FaceTime' but there may be a price to pay.

How energy demand could drink up global water resources

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The energy sector accounts for 15 per cent of global water withdrawals but while many renewables are water-intensive, wind and solar are not.

The clean funds that are cleaning up

Funds that specialise in green power stocks are doing well - such as the US New Alternatives Fund, up 35% over the past year - although the sector still presents volatility risk.

The NBN makeover

While NBN Co's new boss Bill Morrow is wasting little time in stamping his authority, the toxic politics of the NBN continues to bubble under the surface.