A Netflix reality check

America's favourite subscription video service won't conquer Australia without a struggle and will have to learn to play by local rules. The poster child of on-demand content is unlikely to be an immediate hit.

Coral confusion: Bishop and Newman's bizarre reef whinge to Obama

Barack Obama's fears for the Great Barrier Reef have earned a stunning rebuke from senior Liberal politicians. But the US president was simply highlighting global warming's well-known acidification effect, not commenting on reef management.

Rethinking Sydney’s role as an international financial centre

China's outbound investment is set to sky-rocket, reshaping the world’s financial markets in the process. Sydney is well placed to use this discontinuity to its advantage.

Taxpayers shortchanged by Medibank IPO

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Australian taxpayers have been sold a poor deal in the Medibank IPO.

Taxpayers shortchanged by Medibank IPO

Australian taxpayers have been sold a poor deal in the Medibank IPO.

Learning to disrupt like a start-up

Operating like a start-up means saying “I create” instead of “I do” and enterprises need to focus on problem-solving if they want to compete.

How your fitness tracking data can and will be used against you in a court of law

As we move to completely documented lives a legal case in Canada is breaking new ground by using data collected from a Fitbit to assess the relative fitness of a person making an injury claim.

The 'foreign forces' China fears the most

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The role of 'foreign forces' in Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests has Beijing deeply worried. But it's not the US or other foreign nations they're most concerned about -- their real target is much closer to home.

The Ticker: Modern business life

Our live blog featuring rolling snippets of analysis, data and insight, all around the theme of modern business in Australia.

Why the insolvency industry needs reform

The proposed legislation to improve consumer confidence in the insolvency industry is a step in the right direction, but much more needs to be done.

How Sydney determines our national housing policy

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While hundreds of micro-markets exist within Australia's property market, irrational activity in Sydney will continue to set the agenda when it comes to housing policy.

Scoreboard: ECB dampener

Fresh doubts were raised about the ECB's ability to go ahead with stimulus measures, while in the US traders dissected soft economic data.

DataRoom AM: The twist in GE's sale

The expected price of GE’s consumer lending business doubles to $2bn, while the Port of Melbourne is also proving to be hot property.

China’s short lesson is sending a powerful message

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Stock shorters were caught short in resources shares when China cut its rates, and there could be more good news to come.

Will central banks help or harm us?

The consequences of prolonging ultra-low interest rates to fend off the threat of deflation could be more harmful than deflation itself.

Lambie and Muir are forgotten people

Jacqui Lambie and Ricky Muir have long been pilloried by the political classes, but the tables have turned, with these unruly senators likely to trouble the Coalition.

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