Managing housing market risk in the UK

Rising house prices in the UK reflect the imbalance between demand and supply, but measures to boost development to ensure long-run affordability will require political and social consensus.

Is the time right for the Aussie dollar to break out?

Policymakers are hoping the Australian dollar breaks free of its tight trading range, but the likelihood of change on the currency front depends on the fortunes of the greenback.

How ICT can improve the health of healthcare

Like any other industry, the healthcare sector is striving to reduce costs and increase productivity. This has in turn forced healthcare IT professionals to pull up their socks.

Latin American risk mars QBE's report card

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After finally getting its North American business under control, the news that QBE is facing legacy issues within its Latin American business is another blow to shareholders. Prudent management, combined with a dose of luck, is desperately needed.

Solar scams alive and kicking in Australia

Despite the flat market outlook, new solar companies continue to appear. And if ever there was a proof point that solar scams have ebbed to a new low, it was last week.

Mandatory data retention is a rort

Ultimately it will be consumers and businesses who foot the compliance bill for any mandatory data retention scheme – and those costs will only keep rising alongside our unquenchable thirst for data.

NZ’s Southern Alps have lost a third of their ice

Since 1977, the region's ice volume has shrunk 34% and those losses have been accelerating rapidly in the past 15 years, risking the future of Aotearoa’s 'long white cloud'.

How solar may become a service, not a system

A presentation at Clean Energy Week succinctly showed just how unlikely it was for a customer-driven grid death spiral to occur via solar, due to the complexity of system purchases. But could leasing open the floodgates?

Flushing Australia's luck down the loo

In the digitally-powered economy, many industries will need global scale to underpin their survival. Australia’s paltry marks for innovation and export-oriented jobs should have policymakers very worried.

The truth about wind's back-up 'burden'

Texas grid figures show integration costs for conventional generation are far larger than those of wind with the former needing more reserves, and more expensive reserves, to protect against outages.

There are no rewards in energy rent-seeking

In a recent speech, Martin Ferguson argued that political complacency over energy policy is putting Australia's prosperity at risk. Current ministers would do well to heed his warning.

A souring taste for multinationals in China

For decades multinational companies have poured capital into the vast Chinese market in pursuit of riches. But myriad pressures, from regulatory constraints to environmental issues, are weighing on foreign business satisfaction.

Can Hunt sell the Senate a half-baked Direct Action?

Environment Minister Greg Hunt is urging opposition parties to join him at the negotiating table to discuss Direct Action. But can Labor and co really commit to an unfinished vision?

Miners are living on borrowed time in Australia

Low prospects for growth in Australia and declining commodity prices will likely result in an exodus of mining investment and talent to emerging markets.

DataRoom AM: Leighton battle

Stockland and Singapore’s City Developments look set to go head-to-head for Leighton Properties, while Frasers Centrepoint is in line to claim Australand with its final bid.

Scoreboard: Fed countdown

Wall Street closed little changed as investors await the outcome of the Fed policy meeting and key economic data due later in the week.

A worrisome debt trap for first-home buyers

Nick Xenophon’s proposal to let young Australians put their super towards a housing deposit will only keep prices out of reach and increase the likelihood of an inevitable market correction.

Chaos looms for restaurants – so sack the bank

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Despite a 12-month lead up to compulsory credit card PIN numbers, many restaurants are woefully unprepared for the impending switchover. The banks, more focused on their mortgage clients, have disgracefully neglected these small business customers.

Could a 'Clive-zilla' help sell Australia?

Tourism figures show Australia's global ranking is falling, and billions of dollars in economic benefits are being missed, due to lack of political attention to the sector.

Fox's ticket to a closer Time Warner viewing?

The cash released from 21st Century Fox’s BSkyB deal will help any further efforts for a Time Warner bid, enabling measures to support Fox’s share price and reduce the debt requirement of a revised offer.