Hedging against the spectre of stagnation

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While some of the recent stock market sell-off has been driven purely by negative narratives, some hedge funds are making more permanent shifts.

Look to China’s productivity gains, not headline growth figures

To see where China is really headed, a closer look needs to be taken at its productivity.

Whitlam's plan grew a nation

Why the popular image of Gough as an economic failure misses the big picture.

Why are market economists so bullish?

Many economists are bullish on a rate rise, but the RBA board's latest minutes make this look very optimistic.

Four misleading mistakes about coal vs renewables

Analysts and journalists can be easily led up the garden path about how important coal is, and how renewables will never amount to anything. Here's four ways you could be misled if you're not careful.

Abbott, Klein and the search for climate's quiet majority

From Tony Abbott's 'coal's good for humanity' to Naomi Klein's capitalist bogeyman, the climate change debate desperately needs to see the rise of the rational middle.

Rich migrant changes make little sense

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The government has a long line of wealthy investors wanting to come to Australia for four years. So why introduce a one-year plan for some to jump that queue?

Lessons from Whitlam's legacy

Whitlam’s greatest legacy was laying the foundations of the Hawke-Keating government.

Chinese exceptionalism can't last

A new paper argues that historical precedent alone explains why China will not be able to sustain rapid rates of growth for much longer.

Why the WTO is in big trouble

As more countries turn to bilateral trade agreements, questions are being raised about the future of multilateral institutions such as the WTO.

Pain and gain in a gas export boom

The Grattan Institute shows how the east-coast gas revolution will deliver a net benefit to the economy. But without further climate policies, it will be emissions negative for Australia.

Access Denied: UK's broadband gap grows ever wider

The disparity in the quality of service between city and country in the UK is large and growing fast. Can BT bridge the divide in time?

Making money in a mobile world

The challenges and opportunities for businesses in this mobile age are enormous but without a clearly defined mobile strategy there's no point.

REVIEW: Huawei Ascend P7

The Chinse giant aims big with its flagship smartphone but the end result is still not quite up to mark.

The Ticker: Modern business life

Our new live blog featuring rolling snippets of analysis, data and insight, all around the theme of modern business in Australia.

How self-interest is framing the EU 2030 climate debate

Ambitious 2030 EU climate targets could be crucial to unlocking a global climate deal in Paris next year. Yet EU leaders still can’t agree the details, with just days to go. Here's who wants what and why.

Irony and confusion in Medibank's float

The sale of Medibank Private will allow the Coalition to cash in on the public's brand confusion and rid itself of a business it has despised since its inception.

Scoreboard: Earnings cheer

European shares dipped on Monday, while Wall Street took an IBM slump in its stride following solid earnings figures elsewhere.

The ACCC turns its spotlight on Toll

An ACCC investigation into Toll's agreement with the Transport Workers Union promises a much needed assessment of the deal's threat to national productivity.

Inflation, not deflation, is still the risk

While the popular narrative is that we're sinking into a deflationary era, quite the opposite is true. Asset inflation is not being taken into account.