How Oliver Mark rebuilt the Nilsen empire

OJ Nilsen created a large business, listed it on the ASX, but died with little to show for it all. Now, the fourth generation has completely turned things around.

How fracking is giving US geothermal new life

The 'hot rocks' power source is a minor but consistent contributor to US generation, with unconventional sites in western states contributing to a new era of growth.

Asia-Pacific top 5 to dominate solar's second half

A late utility-scale surge from China is set to strengthen the leading position of the Asia-Pacific region in driving global PV demand, although Australia's contribution will dip.

Why Exxon is betting on a higher carbon price than Google

A report this week revealing the names of 150 global majors running their own internal carbon price – with energy majors astutely adopting higher figures than their tech counterparts.

Facing the hard truths of multinational profit shifting

The current international tax system is broken, and it will take a substantial global effort to fix it.

The New England city running at 100% renewable

The recent acquisition of a hydro plant by Burlingham means Vermont's largest city can now get all its power from wind, water and biomass.

Australia's middle class is feeling the squeeze

In the US, the middle class is not taking part in the country's economic revival, and a similar phenomenon is occurring in Australia. Can the trend be reversed?

Can't afford an iPhone 6? iOS 8 is a worthy upgrade

Apple has gone all out on this upgrade, so iPhone 4S, 5, 5C owners will basically end up with a new phone anyway.

The Fed's tentative steps towards a rate rise

As concerns linger over the US labour market and wage growth, the Federal Reserve remains cagey about the timing of raising rates.

DataRoom AM: Asciano's China chat

Asciano is in talks with China Merchants Group on the partial sale of its Patrick business, while a private equity firm buys into Canberra Data Centres.

Scoreboard: Fed fillip

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The Dow closed at a fresh record as investors took comfort in the Fed's interest rate decision, while European stocks were mixed ahead of Scotland's referendum.

Why Scotland's vote has Brussels spooked

Whatever the outcome of Scotland's referendum on independence, the political ramifications for the UK and EU will be severe.

When the brain drain turns north again

Australia's lengthy list of skilled visa occupations is a source of ire for our region's developing countries. But some factors pulling in migrant workers may be about to turn.

Qantas dreams of a dwindling dollar

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A US80 cent Aussie would significantly reduce Australia’s attraction to the airline’s international competitors, while boosting Qantas’ international revenues.

What a Scottish Yes vote means for Australian markets

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The effects of a Yes vote in Scotland's referendum on independence is likely to have an immediate economic impact on Scotland and England. Could the ripple effect reach Australia?

Will China's dirty coal ban hurt Australian miners?

Some media are suggesting that a move by China to ban the use of dirtier forms of coal will hurt Australian coal exports – but the opposite could be true.

What's next after Lew's Premier performance?

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Premier Retail's stellar performance has led to plenty of speculation about its growth ambitions. Myer could be a plum acquisition, but there are plenty of other options.

Climate Council: without action, rising seas will cost us billions

Almost all of Australia's coastal infrastructure has been built for a stable climate – but potential sea level rises could put more than more than $200 billion worth of those assets, including residential and commercial buildings, at risk.

OECD tax plan puts Apple and Google on notice

New OECD proposals on reducing corporate profit-shifting are a step forward in the war against tax avoidance, but there's a much bigger problem that's not so easy to resolve.

Australia's valuable empty nests

Alan Kohler on Australia's housing "bubble".