Weekend Economist: Safe as houses

Despite what the Reserve Bank seems to think, there is very little danger of investor activity throwing Australia’s property markets off balance.

The Week Ahead

Quarterly business investment figures will be a focus locally, while the US will release significant economic data including economic growth figures ahead of Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Picks of the Week

In this week's reading guide, Bartholomeusz weighs up the Medibank float, Gottliebsen looks at global energy prices and Burgess ponders the future for Australian youth.

Love and aliens in the time of censorship

New Internet guidelines for China could be a tactical misstep by Beijing.

The best of this week's The Ticker

The background to the ABC’s budget cuts and analysis of Netflix’s announcement that it’s coming to Australia.

The art of a good recession

'Work for the dole' schemes punish the young, rather than address the structural causes of their joblessness. A more creative approach is needed.

The long march to the China FTA

Andrew Robb reveals how the deal was sealed after a gruelling 14-month long trade poker game.

China business news digest

Chinese iron ore miners are under increasing pressure and the State Council moves on rural land reforms.

Australia will be tested by the mining boom's third phase

As China transitions towards a consumption-driven economy, the need to diversify our export base has never been greater.

Love it or loathe it, Uber is here to stay

Uber has a reputation problem but the start-up has been at war since its inception and it's not about to give up in a hurry.

Primo sale brings home the bacon

The big price paid by fresh meat processor JBS for smallgoods business Primo highlights the desire among food producers to capitalise on the rapidly growing Asian market.

Australia can play a role in India's economic rise

Australian businesses have an opportunity to forge enduring ties with India, but they will need to remember that their economic engagement will be a marathon, not a sprint.

The Greens get an F in maths for Hazelwood shut-down

'Let's shut down the dirty Hazelwood and Anglesea coal power stations!' may sound great at an environmental activist rally but it shows an astounding lack of understanding of the power market. It's the best thing that could ever happen for other polluting coal generators.

Leading your business to a succesful IPO and beyond

The biggest danger facing start-ups is “premature scaling”, where a business tries to grow faster than demand for the product allows.

Kohler Uncovers: Codan Limited

Alan Kohler talks to Donald McGurk, CEO of Codan Ltd, about the company's new gold detector products.

Pitch Perfect: Entering the lion's den of investors

Here's a look at some of Australia's top would-be entrepreneurs getting ready to impress the judges at the latest Carnegie’s Den event in Sydney.

Solar cloth could stretch PV's applications

As company's continues to look to expand solar's potential, a British start-up has developed a technology which allows cells to be stretched across carparks and stadiums.

World edges back from a disastrous Montreal Protocol reversal

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As the world moves into an era of extreme growth in refrigerator uptake driven by Asia's big two, India's Environment Minister is making promising signals at a key summit this week on phasing down HFCs.

The NBN twilight zone

The Coalition's multi-technology mix NBN poses technical and rollout coordination challenges that could well leave quite a few premises out in the cold.

For humanity ... renewables are best

India quietly sidestepped the need to roll out extensive hardwired telecommunications infrastructure - and the absence of an extensive grid creates a similar opportunity.