Scoreboard: Rally cry

Offshore markets rallied, spurred by a rebound in Greek stocks and strong profit results from US technology stocks.

DataRoom AM: Fairfax’s radio talk

The media group is said to be close to finalising several deals, including merging its radio stations with Macquarie, while the NSW government is set to unplug its power assets.

Value Investor: A Premier offering

Premier Investments' stable of brands have outperformed the Australian retail sector, but they will continue to face increasing competitive pressures from global behemoths.

Company boards should embrace a gender agenda

Corporate Australia is making progress in improving gender diversity on company boards, but it has a long way to go to match the public sector.

China business digest

Your daily digest of the biggest business news in China, translated and summarized every day.

The history of the new Chinese empire

An ambitious Chinese initiative to build a series of strategic maritime distribution centres, west to Africa and beyond, has been revealed.

The jury is in on higher capital requirements

The banking industry has long rallied against higher capital requirements, warning of dire effects. But the evidence suggests their fears are wildly overblown.

The axe will fall hard on mining jobs

As projects wind down, the mining sector is primed for job cuts, but it's unlikely that residential and non-residential construction will be able to absorb the losses.

Greenland’s ice sheet shifts could speed melt

Two new findings show how Greenland – which contains enough snow and ice to raise global sea levels more than 6m – could be melting from the bottom up, with ramifications for sea level rise estimates.

Renewables industry concedes ground, but government still asking for 20% RET

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The Clean Energy Council has laid bare its willingness to go to 35,000GWh yet Minister Hunt has reaffirmed his 27,000GWh position. However, the government may yet be willing to move.

Rural China’s economic model limps on

Rural China is adapting to the urbanisation drive by creatively negotiating the state-society divide.

Will a commodity price collapse foil BHP's demerger?

A savage fall in commodity prices has sparked debate about whether the demerger of BHP's non-core assets should proceed.

Kohler Uncovers: Ardent Leisure

Alan Kohler talks to Ardent Leisure's Greg Shaw about the leisure and entertainment company and why he's encouraged by the falling dollar.

Why Nintendo needs to adopt Netflix’s content strategy

It’s shaping up to be a bountiful Christmas for the big N. Not Netflix but rather the other N, Nintendo.

Surviving a break-up in the family business

Divorces can potentially wreck a family business, but there are legal protections and other structural safeguards.

Keeping online shoppers happy with three simple tips

The holiday period is a critical time for retail businesses and with Australians increasingly turning towards online shopping a business’ performance online hinges on application performance.

'Wishful thinking and misinformation': An open letter to nuclear lobbyists

Nuclear lobbyists have launched another push for the power source to play a role in addressing climate change, recruiting conservation scientists to the cause. But again they fail on several fronts to address the proliferation threat.

Fare game - Uber's not going anywhere

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Everyone has an opinion about Uber but good, bad, or illegal, the ride sharing app's challenge to the taxi industry is welcome.

Generational war: a monster of our own making

Evidence suggests policies brought in to avert fiscal crisis and generational inequality may actually be generating these very outcomes.

Abbott and Napthine ignored the facts on the East West Link

Newly released documents show the Victorian government hid analysis that indicated the project couldn't deliver value for public money.