Weekend Economist: Rates wait

Unlike other November meetings, this Melbourne Cup day there is no chance the Reserve Bank will move interest rates.

The Week Ahead

A busy week locally as key economic data is released and the Reserve Bank Board meet. In the US, employment figures will be the focus of attention.

Picks of the Week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler notes the importance of a bullish Fed and Gottliebsen eyes the potential for a retail surge.

Why shareholder activism is here to stay

The 100-member rule looks to be repealed as the government strives to cut red tape, but there are other ways shareholders can voice their concerns.

The best of this week's The Ticker

Windowless planes, high speed trains and -- sadly -- nothing about automobiles.

Are the Swiss going back to the gold standard?

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In a bid to reduce the risks of financial instability, the Swiss are weighing up the possibility of reintroducing a limited version of the ‘gold standard’.

ANZ reaches its tipping point

It was ANZ’s Australian retail business that shone in the latest results, but its Asian diversification model is increasingly persuasive and is catching on with its three main rivals.

The Ticker: Modern business life

Trust me, I’m using graphs, the World Bank just quietly slammed Australia’s investor protection laws and keeping Australia’s young rich list in perspective.

The future of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

China has been attempting to shape a non-Western security grouping to counterbalance NATO and allow China more room for military action in Asia.

China’s anti-corruption drive is a party tactic to preserve power

Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign is part of a broad conservative reform agenda to preserve China’s Leninist system of single-party rule.

Hungry property investors are starving small business

Australia’s speculative housing boom is on an unsustainable path and crowding out lending to small business, which will translate to weak economic growth in the long term.

Clive Palmer has got his sleeping ETS, but will it be awakened?

What hasn't been appreciated in the Direct Action deal is that Clive Palmer's dormant ETS is now reality. But 'scientific girly-man' Greg Hunt faces stiff opposition awakening it.

Q&A: 2015 global solar PV demand forecast

Industry analyst Solarbuzz's Finlay Colville delivers his predictions for 2014 China deployment, global capex and top tier shipments in 2015.

NBN Co's great gamble

HFC might be able to give NBN Co a boost in connection numbers at the right time but it won't be easy or cheap.

Why uncontrolled climate change may be an ultimate limit to growth

Long-run, environmental sustainability of global industrial development is possible over the next century – but only if we control climate change.

Tesla boss gets the AI jitters

Elon Musk reckons artificial intelligence might be our biggest existentialist threat but are his fears justified?

Six-star houses: Where’s the police when you need them?

Policing building ratings, and the actual finished buildings themselves, before certificates of occupancy are issued would see builders very quickly master the fast-track to compliance.

LNG exports: Confusing foreign profits with Australian benefits

The recent Grattan report concludes gas exports are an economic benefit. But really they are a transfer of wealth from Australian households and businesses to the foreign owners of oil and gas majors.

The home automation hot pot

With the Intenet of Things spilling over into the home, the automation networks of the near future could resemble an electronic patchwork quilt.

KGB Interview: NAB's Andrew Thorburn

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NAB's chief executive discusses the company's plans to exit the UK and gives his views on what impact the Financial System Inquiry might have on the bank’s capital holdings.