Weekend Economist: Credit comeback

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Recent data provide new hope that growth momentum will shift from mining towards non-mining investment and consumer spending.

The Coalition must push for a double dissolution

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A snap election in the New Year would give the Coalition the strongest chance of fixing the budget, and may maximise its chance of winning another term in office.

Picks of the Week

In this week's reading guide, Kohler warns against fighting deflation, Bartholomeusz sizes up Glencore's tilt for Rio and Gottliebsen rings the alarm for manufacturers.

The best of this week's The Ticker

Not just business as usual.

The Week Ahead

Data on home prices, government spending and economic growth will dominate local headlines, while US employment will be watched closely abroad.

The Fed needs more than an audit

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The central bank’s expansive regulatory powers should be subject to congressional and executive branch oversight.

Abbott’s failed experiment is not the end

The trick of outsourcing election pledges to the Commission of Audit did not work. Yet its chaotic aftermath opens up political opportunity for the side of politics brave enough to grasp it.

Aldi's growth is worrying its big rivals

The staggering growth of the German supermarket chain's local operations shows the sector is a lot more competitive than many believe.

Govt says RET 'broken', but the polls say they are

Ministers Hunt and Macfarlane have written to Labor asking to recommence negotiations over the Renewable Energy Target while saying the scheme is 'broken' and has to be cut. Don't be distracted by the bluster, they'll concede to see this barnacle gone.

Value Investor: NAB turns a corner

Its performance lags behind its competitors, but high credit growth in domestic business banking will ensure a positive outlook for NAB in the coming year.

China business news digest

China's dairy industry faces crisis as breeding stock quality declines and transport infrastructure spending is up 15.6 per cent.

How mid-market businesses can punch above their weight

Mid-market businesses often deliver new products to customers faster than their larger rivals, but they’ll need to constantly innovate to maintain their competitive edge.

Rio’s iron will should crush its critics

The miner’s earnings will benefit as it continues to ramp up ore production, even if the strategy doesn’t sit well with potential suitor Glencore.

Move over big power – the micropower revolution is here

Thomas Edison predicted a future for micropower more than 130 years ago. Now solar, co- and tri-generation and micro-grids are eating away at our centralised power system.

Solar power for ivory towers

US universities are making big megawatt commitments to renewable energy; reflecting a growing demand from stakeholders and all-time-low wind and solar prices per kilowatt-hour.

The case for tightening our foreign investment framework

Recommendations to strengthen the enforcement of rules around foreign investment in property are economically sensible, although some suggestions may prove controversial.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is a long-term win-win for the telcos

It’s rare to see our two rival major telcos agree, but it seems neither Telstra nor Optus can deny the overwhelmingly positive impact Apple’s latest iPhone had on their business.

Why QE has been so good to Rolls Royce

Sales of Rolls Royce have quadrupled in the last five years as the 'nought point one per cent' get richer and demand greater luxury. America has been the biggest customer, and now Abenomics is helping boost sales.

Rebooted NBN shuts down full fibre dream

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow has a simple message for those still espousing the cause of full fibre – get over it or pay for it.

What makes Atlassian Australia's best workplace?

Start-up poster child Atlassian is touring the country in a typically unorthodox way of finding Australia's best software talent.