REVIEW: Apple iPhone 6

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Apple's "iWay or the Highway" approach to smartphones is finally at an end, as Cupertino concedes that size does matter. The result is a breathtaking new iPhone, although it might leave Android lovers underwhelmed.

REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch might give Samsung a headache. But when it comes to the tablet, the Galaxy Tab S is more than a match for the iPad.

Urbanise closes IPO early

Online building services group closes $20m offer fully subscribed.

Can't afford an iPhone 6? iOS 8 is a worthy upgrade

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Apple has gone all out on this upgrade, so iPhone 4S, 5, 5C owners will basically end up with a new phone anyway.

IBM to sell super-computer Watson as a BI tool

The tech giant is taking a new turn in its quest to turn its famous AI into a cash cow.

Microsoft sends out invites for Windows 9 event

Company set to talk about the future of Windows in the enterprise.

Australia's data potential left unfulfilled

The local economy left behind $48 billion on the table last year because of its inability to fully leverage the potential of data-driven innovation, according to a new report.

NEC scores $150m defence deal

Japanese giant's Australian IT solutions and service division to consolidate the Department of Defence's 280 data centres around the country and overseas.

CIO budgets are beefing up quickly

The number of chief information officers who have been granted a larger budget for the coming year has almost doubled, a report shows.

The IT industry’s sordid orgies

A series of unholy alliances are sweeping the IT industry and the need to make friends with enemies might be coming to your industry next.

How to run a profitable mobile project

In an age where there are apps for just about anything businesses know that they need them. However, making them work is a whole different story.

Hands on with Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung makes an original design statement with the Edge and it's an upsell that should make sense to anyone in the market for the Galaxy Note phablets.

Who is to blame when iCloud is ‘hacked’ – you or Apple?

Apple is blaming the victims of the attack without acknowledging the role its service plays in opening up private data to these attacks.

Google's new strategy to dethrone Microsoft Outlook

Amit Singh, the man perfecting Google's pitch to the workplace, reckons coexisting with the competition might prove to be far more effective than taking them head-on.

Is the enterprise ready for web-scale IT?

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The journey to web-scale IT will not be easy for most enterprises. It won’t be a straight line but will look more like a roadmap with many twists and turns.

Capgemini launches digital innovation lab in Melbourne

IT consulting, outsourcing and services company Capgemini opens doors to lab designed to help local businesses make the most of social, mobile, analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies.

SAP flags $60m sales and support centre

German business software outfit to pump $60 million over five years into a sales and support centre in Melbourne.

Do more with less: One way to fix Australia's poor productivity

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Businesses can increase productivity by improving the efficiency of their existing infrastructure. But how do you know which areas need to be improved and what can be streamlined easily?

REVIEW: Surface Pro 3 - Third time lucky for Microsoft?

With Steve Ballmer out of the picture and Microsoft chanting the ‘platforms and productivity’ mantra espoused by new CEO Satya Nadella, the Surface Pro 3 just might be Microsoft’s last chance to turn its tablet/laptop hybrid into a commercial hit.

Demystifying data centres

With three-quarters of all Australian companies hosting their servers at their offices it's time to shake up the status quo.