Pitch Perfect: Entering the lion's den of investors

Here's a look at some of Australia's top would-be entrepreneurs getting ready to impress the judges at the latest Carnegie’s Den event in Sydney.

Steve Wozniak rejoins Fusion-io buddies at new start-up

Silicon Valley veteran joins Primary Data as chief scientist.

Lenovo’ Yoga Tablet 2 Pro road tested

Lenovo's latest device bristles with features when compared to your average Android tablet, but then it should. At $799, the tablets sits squarely in the premium category.

REVIEW: PlayStation TV

The smallest member of Sony's PlayStation family has a lot to tell us about the entertainment giant's big plans for its gaming and content ecosystem. It may also have a secret mission to force the trusty old PlayStation 3 into retirement, but there's a lot of work to be done.

Worried about phishing? Build a human firewall

Forget DDoS, data breaches, and botnets – the biggest threat for modern organisations is an old-fashioned scam.

Chasing the Holy Grail of sales enablement

Customer relationship management tools have been a game changer for the sales force but the software has also created an unhealthy culture of avid report readers.

Xero targets start-up appeal

Cloud accounting software provider partners with technology incubator Fishburners to get its 'Xero for Startups' program off the ground.

REVIEW: Retina 5K iMac

The latest iMac doesn't just boast a gorgeous 5K monitor it’s also a powerhouse of a computer even at the base model. While it's unlikely to reverse the decline of the PC market it does offers a compelling reason to invest in a desktop once again.

Five steps to a successful IT SLA

IT service level agreements play a crucial role in everyday tasks of IT support but hammering out an effective one is no mean feat.

Samsung’s epic splurge on R&D appears to have paid off

The explosion in Samsung's R&D budget over the past decade has impacted its innovative edge, albeit at an extreme cost.

Competing in the age of people power

Telstra's move to introduce real-time alerts for excess data usage is just the latest symptom of how Australian businesses across the board are navigating the age of the customer.

First look: Android Lollipop

Google's revamped Android operating system Lollipop has started to roll out in Australia and if you have a recent Android phone or tablet, upgrading to it will bring significant changes to your device.

Clean out the Clutter: Get more flash from 'Flash'

You might be spending your weekends doing a bit of spring cleaning at home as of late, but what about within your IT department?

Kohler Uncovers: Bulletproof

Alan Kohler interviews Bulletproof CEO Anthony Woodward about offering technology solutions for businesses.

Australian government's move to Drupal saves time, money

The federal government has reaped 50 per cent in savings for a key website just weeks after embracing open-source software and using Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing platform.

PREVIEW: The Oculus Rift

The success of the Rift is now out of Oculus' hands. Mark Zuckerberg’s $2 billion gamble on virtual reality now hinges on the whims of third party developers and hyped-up gamers.

The harsh realities of protecting Australian enterprise

While the topic of IT security was once technically obscure and of little interest to the running of a large organisation’s business operations, the mood in the boardroom is starting to change.

Xero, MYOB carve out the cloud for accountants

Approximately 70 per cent of accounting firms in Australia have embraced the cloud as SME demand picks up.

Microsoft is giving away its Office 365 mobile apps

Microsoft Office now free on iOS and Android as software giant puts users over dollars with its cash cow franchise.

Deloitte to deliver VMware vCloud Air in Australia

Professional services firm broadens its relationship with VMware by becoming a supplier of the vCloud Air service to Australian organisations.