Top 5 must-have travel apps

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With apps changing perceptions of what we should demand from our international adventures, here are five apps you need on your smartphone before you next head aboard.

If Google's new Inbox app the future of email?

Google’s Gmail team says it has built a better way to make email less of a pain to deal with. Here's how it works.

Twitter seeks its Google moment

Twitter launches new app development platform called Fabric, a suite of tools aimed to make it the first port of call for developers.

Why I left advertising for software

There’s a war for design talent between technology and advertising companies, with tech quickly gaining ground.

Collaborative business intelligence is common sense

Where traditional business intelligence presents historical data for manual analysis, adding real-time analysis of current events to the mix can deliver enormous benefits.

Microsoft to open Azure data centres in Sydney, Melbourne

New data centres to become available from next week.

REVIEW: Huawei Ascend P7

The Chinese giant aims big with its flagship smartphone but the end result is still not quite up to mark.

Early warning network operator eyes ASX listing

Aeeris, the company running Australia’s only national location-based emergency and threat warning service seeks to raise $6 million via an IPO

Salesforce’s plan to bring in its next $US20 billion

Salesforce wants to stomp SAP but it's still got a bit of catching up to do.

SAP turns to IBM to expand cloud reach

Deal will see SAP use IBM-operated facilities in addition to its own to deliver its software over the internet.

NEC provides IT muscle for NT support portal

NEC teams up with Northern Territory’s Department of Education to build a state of the art centralised portal for managing technology in schools.

Government agencies power up in Coalition's ‘cloud first’ policy

Heads of departments to have unprecedented power to determine whether personal information can be hosted offshore while public entities such as NBN Co and the Reserve Bank will be exempted from the policy.

CA Technologies, University of Melbourne team up on performance analytics

Three-year project aims to give businesses the ability to proactively manage network performance and ensure that the capacity-demand equation is never out of kilter.

Knowing what makes your customer tick

Smarter analytics techniques can extract invaluable information about consumer behavior but the sheer volume of data can become overwhelming.

It's splitsville for Symantec

Corporation to form separate publicly traded companies, one focused on security and the other targeting information management.

Hands on with HTC Re and Desire Eye

HTC is hoping that a focus on photos and video will lure in consumers this holiday season.

Coalition's 'pie in the sky' cloud policy comes under fire

OzHub chair Matt Healy says the policy may show intent but lacks meaningful targets and strong central leadership.

REVIEW: iPhone 6 Plus

Apple's phablet is a killer content consumption device but those expecting exciting new features in iOS 8 for the device will be left disappointed.

ANZ, Deakin University set to harness Watson

Deakin will be the first university in the world to put IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities through its paces. Meanwhile, ANZ bank lifts the lid on its customer engagement platform powered by the supercomputer.

PwC to cost govt's metadata retention scheme

Govt seeks to establish the ongoing costs telcos would incur if they were to hold onto customer metadata for two years.