Big Data

IBM unveils new server model to tackle big data, analytics

Technology giant launches high-end system servers that it says are 50 times faster than its closest competitor at analysing data.

NICTA chief calls for open data approach to public infrastructure

Hugh Durrant-Whyte tells Productivity Commission that major projects could be massively improved through making datasets publicly available.

New laser-based data collection technology to improve Australia's roads

The Traffic Speed Deflectometer looks like a semi-trailer but is filled with computer servers and lasers.

SAP opens Sydney data centre

Cloud service provider says centre will improve speed and costs for SAP HANA clients.

Intel takes 'significant' stake in Big Data startup Cloudera

Move comes as the chipmaker looks to expand its server business to make up for falling sales of personal computers.

MapR Technologies opens Australian office

Apache Hadoop distributor's Melbourne arrival makes it the latest global tech firm to set up shop down under.

PayPal urges retailers to ramp up data capabilities

Payments group says firms must leverage technology to remain competitive.

IBM teams up with Thiess on big data

Australian miner using predictive analytics to improve productivity.

Choosing the right storage solution: What you need to know

Data storage is one of the fundamental building blocks within an IT infrastructure, so how do you keep up with data growth while adding value to the business rather than cost and risk?

Five brands bridging the data-execution gap

Managing a data rich world requires a new perspective. Forget big data it's about "all data".

How the Australian Open turns match data into dollars

The innovative use of data at the Australian Open has proved lucrative for Tennis Australia and IBM, and highlights how big data could be a game-changer for major sporting events.

When did you consent to Facebook's self-censorship research?

Facebook’s latest investigation into why its users may abort a post at the last minute takes the debate around data collection and internet monitoring to new heights, reinforcing the need for stronger research principals in the digital age.

More big US retailers yet to disclose data breaches: source

Target and Neiman Marcus are not the only retailers who suffered as a result of a cyber attack, sources say

Target data breach 'worse than expected': US states

Government launches nationwide probe into the incident.

The next big crunch facing Australian companies

Business once relied on the insights that came from a strong personal relationship between supplier and customer. The successful companies of the future will be those who understand the strength in numbers.

Rethinking business continuity

IT downtime, whether planned or unplanned, still gives organisations headaches but the potential to cut costs through well-managed, multi-tiered data recovery has never been bigger.

Are Australian organisations ready for new Privacy laws?

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Many companies are still not fully aware of the changes the revised Privacy Act will bring and compliance doesn't guarantee safety.

Pure Storage inks partnership with Blue Connections

Deal serves as the first major win since the US flash-storage firm's Australian debut.

Will open data lead to open government?

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The way we engage with the government is set to get a digital makeover but an open innovation agenda doesn't necessarily equate to citizen engagement.

Lifting the lid on IBM's 'Project Neo'

IBM's promising new project looks to break new ground with data visualisations, but its success will rely on how well it distinguishes itself from Cognos Insight.