Big Data

GovHack sparks international interest, whets VC appetites

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The federal government's annual hackathon keeps going from strength to strength.

Govt launches interactive map of Australia in 'open data' push

Communications Department, NICTA and Geoscience Australia team up to build National Map showing broadband access and geographic information.

Catapult Sports buys GPSports ahead of US expansion

Melbourne-based sports technology start-up raised $6m for the acquisition.

A data-driven financial transformation

Banks face a critical juncture: they can either capitalise on the opportunities provided by new technology, or risk becoming irrelevant.

Federal govt releases draft guidelines on big data ethics

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Comments invited on proposed administrative and ethical framework for government agencies.

How Aussie retailers can keep up with the 'selfie' generation

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Crafting a truly personalised shopping experience is not about Big Data and 'targeted' marketing but about allowing customers to be actively involved in the process.

Salesforce, Philips team up on heathcare

Cloud computing provider, medical technology manufacturer to deliver collaborative e-health platform.

Intel invests in Kiwi sports technology developer

US tech giant takes a punt in sports and exercise sector with latest move.

Finding an antidote to analysis paralysis

As businesses move to integrate big data into their strategies, now is the time to get the basics of analytics right.

Australian data services industry tipped to reach $1.74bn by 2020

Growth underpinned by demand for high-bandwidth apps and rapid uptake of cloud computing.

'5D' geological research to benefit Australian miners

A $5.4m program led by University of Sydney is taking a high-tech approach to digging up resources.

MasterCard expects big growth from 'big data'

The world's second-largest debit and credit card company sees business booming from selling data to retailers, banks and governments on spending patterns found in the payments it processes.

Turning data overload into business strength

Faster and more efficient data storage is a top priority for organisations. Data pressure is ramping up and it's time to get prepared.

Oracle offers 'real-time' analytics with new in-memory database

IT systems heavyweight Oracle launches new add-on allowing customers to increase the speed of data-processing exponentially.

Anaplan corners the big data heavyweights

Armed with $100 million in fresh funding, San Francisco-based Anaplan has set its sights on Australia and reckons it has the technology to give the likes of Oracle and SAP a run for their money.

Forget the cloud, the future is in the 'fog'

Getting data into and out of the cloud is harder than most engineers admit. Big data needs big bandwidth and the answer may lie in the devices around us.

The road ahead for information management

While the information management space has traditionally been the domain of a few experts it's starting to hit the mainstream agenda.

IBM unveils new server model to tackle big data, analytics

Technology giant launches high-end system servers that it says are 50 times faster than its closest competitor at analysing data.

NICTA chief calls for open data approach to public infrastructure

Hugh Durrant-Whyte tells Productivity Commission that major projects could be massively improved through making datasets publicly available.

New laser-based data collection technology to improve Australia's roads

The Traffic Speed Deflectometer looks like a semi-trailer but is filled with computer servers and lasers.