Cloud Computing

Coalition not up to speed on 'cloud-first' policy

Industry figures and analysts say delays in acting on major Commission of Audit initiatives such as mandating cloud first are hurting both government service delivery and opportunities for Australian IT service firms.

BPS Technology announces IPO

Local tech trading and payment platform provider valued at $58.5 million.

A flood of rivals could burst Amazon's cloud

Agile new players from start-ups to telcos are impacting the profitability of Amazon Web Services. Its dominant position in cloud computing services may no longer be assured.

Amcom to roll out its cloud solution across University of Melbourne

Perth-based telecoms company secures its first significant deal since forging a partnership with the Australian Academic and Research Network in May.

Practice Ignition launches automated account payment system

PI Payments links payments system directly with invoicing system for streamlined accounting.

Combating analysis paralysis on the cloud

Everybody wants to be on the cloud but most enterprises are still stumped by the many choices laid before them.

Cloud for the smaller end of town

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SMB businesses, particularly start-ups, are taking the lead in adoption over the larger enterprises.

Salesforce, Philips team up on heathcare

Cloud computing provider, medical technology manufacturer to deliver collaborative e-health platform.

Immigration Department strengthens its human capital with cloud computing

HR boss says most federal govt departments are behind the curve in adopting cloud solutions.

Maestrano secures patents for new cloud integration technology

Local start-up's Connec! tool aims to 'unlock the silo' of cloud computing and reduce costs for small businesses.

Oracle's spends $US5.3bn to fuel growth

Software maker to buy Micros Systems to catch up on the cloud

Salesforce brings wearables into business

Cloud computing giant launches Salesforce Wear and developer kit to help its business clients connect with customers in new ways.

Anaplan corners the big data heavyweights

Armed with $100 million in fresh funding, San Francisco-based Anaplan has set its sights on Australia and reckons it has the technology to give the likes of Oracle and SAP a run for their money.

US firm snaps up NICTA spin-off for $10m-plus

Unitrends executive says he was 'blown away' by cloud technologies provider Yuruware.

Local firms could miss out on Australia's infrastructure boom

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Joint ventures may be the only way for some infrastructure firms – which have been slow to take up newer, efficient technologies – to win tenders.

Qld flags $17m in annual cost savings from 'cloud-first' policy

Newman govt trumps federal and other state govts in adopting mandatory 'cloud-first' policy for technology products and services.

Does omnichannel really work for SMBs?

NetSuite wants to shake up retail with its omnichannel solutions but what works in theory doesn't always work out in real life.

Forget the cloud, the future is in the 'fog'

Getting data into and out of the cloud is harder than most engineers admit. Big data needs big bandwidth and the answer may lie in the devices around us.

Hockey ignores ‘cloud first’ advice

Coalition government's decision to stick with legacy systems a missed opportunity to save millions of dollars.

Telstra Global extends reach with GTS deal

New agreement lets Telstra Global make compelling case to European businesses looking to spread their wings in Asia.