• REVIEW: HTC One M8

    HTC is going through a rough patch at the moment but its latest device is just about the best designed smartphone on the market.
  • REVIEW: HP Chromebook 11

    The HP Chromebook is a good ultra-light portable that’s somewhat hamstrung by the limitations of cloud services for travelling workers.
  • REVIEW: ASUS Transformer Book Trio

    It's a laptop. It's a tablet. It's a desktop PC. But is it worth the premium price tag?
  • REVIEW: Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition

    Samsung's Galaxy Note line of smartphones has been a runaway hit but will its formula work when it comes to tablets?
  • REVIEW: Will 3D tech take Lytro mainstream?

    The latest rendition of the world's first light-field camera allows you to display images in 3D, but the feature just doesn't justify the steep learning curve and the price tag.
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  • The top 5 smart devices of 2013

    With a multitude of smartphones, tablets, phablets and Ultrabooks to choose from here’s our list of the five best that provide plenty of bang for buck.
  • REVIEW: Google's Nexus 5

    Despite its unremarkable exterior Google's Nexus 5 provides exceptional value for money and lots of raw speed.
  • Vic Govt's cyber security, data recovery plans roasted in Auditor General report

    Reports also put the state principal government IT provider CenITex in the cross hairs.
  • REVIEW: MacBook Pro 13-inch

    The 13-inch Macbook Pro refresh once again keeps Apple ahead of the game. And if it continues to offer free upgrades to OS X every year, then you may never have to pay for a new operating system again.
  • REVIEW: Surface Pro 2

    The Surface Pro 2 delivers on the productivity front but a hefty price tag and the weighty form factor might be a turn off for some consumers.
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  • REVIEW: Sony Xperia Z Ultra

    The Xperia Z Ultra is a decent first effort by Sony in the phablet market but is ultimately let down by some questionable design choices.
  • REVIEW: iPad Air

    Impossibly thin and light, yet more powerful than ever, the iPad Air proves that Apple hasn't lost its way in the post-Jobs era.
  • REVIEW: Nokia Lumia 1020

    Nokia's new smartphone is admittedly more of a camera than a phone. But, if you're into photography and your favourite apps are already on Windows, it's a worthy upgrade.
  • REVIEW: Sony Xperia Z1

    Despite a few missteps the Xperia Z1 strengthens Sony’s position as a premier smartphone player. But if you’re buying the phone on the promise of an excellent camera then you will be disappointed.
  • Xbox One and the unified digital lounge room

    Microsoft's Xbox One console is aiming to forge new ground in the fight for the digital lounge room. While the new Xbox aims to work with traditional broadcasters, the future of television could be in the cloud.
  • REVIEW: iPhone 5s

    Apple's premium smartphone dazzles with biometrics, but the camera isn't that flash. With signs there may be teething problems for the new M7 processor, the iPhone 5s is good but not perfect.
  • REVIEW: Google Nexus 7 2013

    Google shook up the tablet market last year with the Nexus 7 and the tech giant has upped the ante with the latest model of the best seven inch tablet money can buy.
  • REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Gear

    Samsung has taken its boldest step into the world of wearable tech with the Galaxy Gear but it faces an uphill battle trying to convince the wider public why they should pay $369 a pop for an unproven device.
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  • Video Review: iPhone 5C

    The "new" iPhone 5C is a colourful addition to Apple's device portfolio but is it really that different from the iPhone 5?
  • PREVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The latest iteration of Samsung's Galaxy Note packs a hefty punch and the refinement on display should help the tech giant hold the top spot as the phablet wars heats up.
  • REVIEW: Leap Motion - Taking gesture control mainstream

    Leap Motion is on a mission to make the mouse obsolete but despite the potential on display, the device is still very much a work in progress.

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