REVIEW: Motorola Moto X

Long before Apple’s iPhone became synonymous with the mobile phone, there was Motorola. Now the pioneer is back and its Moto X could be Android’s answer to the iPhone.

OnePlus One: The Android superphone

The OnePlus One is what an affordable smartphone should be, easily outpacing heavyweights like Samsung when it comes to delivering the Android experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Can it beat the iPad?

Samsung’s latest tablet is, in many ways, a massive Galaxy S5 and inherits both the good and the bad aspects of the smartphone.

REVIEW: Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

The Xperia Z2 is an almost-perfect 10-inch Android tablet, but is it an iPad killer?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Is it good enough to replace the laptop?

Microsoft almost gets the ultimate 'post-PC' device right but the Surface Pro 3 still has a long way to go before it can give the MacBook Air a run for its money.

Nokia Lumia 2520: Poor value even with the nice bits

Nokia's first tablet does have some pleasing features but its hefty price tag is likely to be a turn-off.

Sony Xperia Z2: The best Android phone on the market

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There's a lot to like about Sony's latest flagship smartphone and while existing Z1 users may not upgrade in a hurry the Z2 is a handy all-rounder.

New MacBook Air: Can it get any better ?

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The once outrageously priced laptop is now the most affordable laptop Apple has ever sold and there's still room for some improvement.

REVIEW: Lenovo ThinkPad 8

Lenovo's 8.3-inch tablet boasts an impressive display, but a less-than-stellar battery life coupled with a complete lack of stylus support is likely to be a deal breaker for some.

REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 delivers on display and battery life but the overall experience leaves a lot to be desired.


HTC is going through a rough patch at the moment but its latest device is just about the best designed smartphone on the market.

REVIEW: HP Chromebook 11

The HP Chromebook is a good ultra-light portable that’s somewhat hamstrung by the limitations of cloud services for travelling workers.

REVIEW: ASUS Transformer Book Trio

It's a laptop. It's a tablet. It's a desktop PC. But is it worth the premium price tag?

REVIEW: Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition

Samsung's Galaxy Note line of smartphones has been a runaway hit but will its formula work when it comes to tablets?

REVIEW: Will 3D tech take Lytro mainstream?

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The latest rendition of the world's first light-field camera allows you to display images in 3D, but the feature just doesn't justify the steep learning curve and the price tag.

The top 5 smart devices of 2013

With a multitude of smartphones, tablets, phablets and Ultrabooks to choose from here’s our list of the five best that provide plenty of bang for buck.

REVIEW: Google's Nexus 5

Despite its unremarkable exterior Google's Nexus 5 provides exceptional value for money and lots of raw speed.

Vic Govt's cyber security, data recovery plans roasted in Auditor General report

Reports also put the state principal government IT provider CenITex in the cross hairs.

REVIEW: MacBook Pro 13-inch

The 13-inch Macbook Pro refresh once again keeps Apple ahead of the game. And if it continues to offer free upgrades to OS X every year, then you may never have to pay for a new operating system again.

REVIEW: Surface Pro 2

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The Surface Pro 2 delivers on the productivity front but a hefty price tag and the weighty form factor might be a turn off for some consumers.