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Can't afford an iPhone 6? iOS 8 is a worthy upgrade

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Apple has gone all out on this upgrade, so iPhone 4S, 5, 5C owners will basically end up with a new phone anyway.

Apple to ‘take a slice’ of bank fees

The technology giant has banks in its sights with the launch of its Apple Pay contactless payments system.

iWatch this space: Apple's long-awaited smartwatch

It's the best tech mystery of 2014. What exactly does Apple have up its sleeve in smartwatches?

Is BlackBerry ripe for a comeback?

The once-dominant phone maker bets big on security to bring back the glory days.

How to manufacture an Australian world champion

Australia's athletic prowess is on show for all at the Commonwealth Games but behind the scenes our high-tech manufacturers are kicking goals in a $300bn global market.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10: Overpriced and underpowered

For an $800-plus device, the ThinkPad Tablet 10 lacks grunt and to enjoy its full potential you'll have to shell out even more.

Visa updates its online payments offering

Visa Checkout to replace by Visa with new interface, making online payments on any device simpler.

ZipTel debuts on ASX via reverse listing

Pre-paid travel SIM card and VoiP services provider successfully raises $5 million to fuel marketing strategy.

Android Wear's first smartwatches are like phones on your wrist

While the Samsung Gear Live is slightly better than the LG G Watch, it's really like comparing the qualities of two bruised bananas.

Kicking goals from Brazil to the IT department

The increasingly mobile consumption of the World Cup provides a useful example of the broader application economy that's transforming how we do business.

At long last, Samsung's worthy iPad competitor

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Apple still reigns supreme when it comes to software but the sleek Galaxy Tab S is the ultimate Netflix device and will entice the multitudes of Samsung smartphone owners.

So your home is 'smart'. So what?

Today's home automation devices lack the 'wow' factor, and some add complexity rather than convenience. But it's early days – watch this space.

Say hello to Quanta, Apple’s iWatch maker

The world’s largest computer maker has received little attention to date but it’s about to start producing Apple’s much-anticipated smartwatch.

REVIEW: Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

The Xperia Z2 is an almost-perfect 10-inch Android tablet, but is it an iPad killer?

O'Brien rolls out Nokia Lumia 625s across mobile workforce

Automotive glass repair company says the Windows Phone OS and Nokia's sturdy build made 625s a clear choice.

Australians lax on online security

New research finds most Australians use public Wi-Fi networks but pay scant attention to how secure they are.

Android smackdown: Which is the best new smartphone?

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Whether you prioritise design, display, battery life, a cracking camera or a user-friendly interface, not all Android phones are created equal.

Global smartphone market still growing

by AFP
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Sales to jump 23 per cent, fuelled by growth of low-cost handsets in emerging markets.

Hackers hijacked my iPhone, help!

This week Australian Apple device owners were the latest victims of a ransomware attack. How did it happen, and what should you do if you're targeted?

Canada relaxes in-flight mobile device restrictions

Country follows lead of US and EU to soften rules during take-off and landing.