Emerging Tech

Government grant to keep world’s biggest supercomputing facility in Melbourne

A $6.65 million grant from the Victorian government earmarked to carve out commercial opportunities and produce outcomes for the state’s health and biotechnology industry.

Atmail, Cloud DC seal strategic partnership

Deal will see atmail's messaging platform used by Cloud DC users and Cloud DC's OfficeBox solution offered to atmail customers.

Kogan wants a piece of GoPro's action

Online retailer launches Action Camera 3+ in Black and Silver edition, which it says outperforms the GoPro on lens field of view.

CBA pumps millions into innovation lab

New $4 million innovation lab at its Sydney headquarters aimed at developing “cutting-edge” products.

NEC provides IT muscle for NT support portal

NEC teams up with Northern Territory’s Department of Education to build a state of the art centralised portal for managing technology in schools.

A silicon revolution for quantum computers

A dramatic increase in the amount of time data can be stored on a single atom means that silicon could once again play a vital role in the development of quantum computing.

CA Technologies, University of Melbourne team up on performance analytics

Three-year project aims to give businesses the ability to proactively manage network performance and ensure that the capacity-demand equation is never out of kilter.

Google denies half of all Europeans’ ‘Forgotten’ requests

People in Estonia and Liechtenstein are most vigorously taking advantage of their new right to be “forgotten” from Google's search results, while Germans are most successful at getting links removed.

Tesla's hand-free highway model ready to roll next year

Automaker aims to beat its luxury rivals to the punch on autopilot functions.

Satya Nadella's 'Karma' coma: Gender gap reflects the ‘Ask’ gap

Microsoft boss' Zen-like response to why the tech industry is a boys' club has opened a can of worms on gender wage disparity. But can Nadella's bungle lead to something positive?

Microsoft’s legacy liabilities

The software giant has a struggle on its hand to maintain its once dominant position and Windows 10 needs to be the first step in a crucial reinvention for Microsoft.

ANZ, Deakin University set to harness Watson

Deakin will be the first university in the world to put IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities through its paces. Meanwhile, ANZ bank lifts the lid on its customer engagement platform powered by the supercomputer.

Cisco, Swinburne University team up on research

US tech giant to give the Swinburne University of Technology a helping hand in kickstarting the innovation agenda, with the two signing an agreement to collaborate on ‘Internet of Everything’ research.

Your phone screen just won the Nobel Prize in Physics

As well as being a technological marvel, this year's prize for LED screen technology is a testament to tenacity in experimental science.

Samsung to cut costs, find new focus after downbeat profit forecast

Analysts pit Samsung's chip company as its next growth industry.

Why every public servant now needs to be an 'IT person'

Digital government will require more substantial change than just inserting the word “digital” into existing project descriptions and job titles.

Board to death: Our fat, dumb corporations are clueless on innovation

Our captains of industry are underexposed to entrepreneurship, technology-driven disruption and competitive friction.

November IPO tipped for $400m-plus Aconex

Tech firm expected to hit ASX boards in November, 50% of the firm likely up for grabs.

Google X's latest project: Giant TVs

Google’s secretive advanced-projects lab is developing a display composed of smaller screens that plug together like Legos to create a seamless image.

Unblocking the geoblocking: Australia's love affair with VPNs

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Until recently, VPNs were used mostly for business purposes and by tech-savvy geeks but their appeal is growing exponentially.