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Can Oculus Rift survive Facebook?

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Virtual reality outfit Oculus may yet become one of the biggest tech success stories of this decade but it has squandered a lot of goodwill by choosing to embrace Facebook.

Bitcoin price dives below $US400

Bank crackdown on Chinese bitcoin exchanges weighs on price. Meanwhile, NAB decides to completely steer clear of digital currencies.

Google to sell Glass to public for one day only

Search giant makes its biggest push to get the $US1,500 wrap around web-ready glasses out to the US public.

Are wearables more than a fashion trend?

Wearable devices have so far been limited to smart watches and fitness tracking devices, but there's more to this trend than the Fitbit, Jawbone or FuelBand on your wrist.

Mobile payments space welcomes new challengers

Big retailers are muscling in on the likes of Visa, MasterCard and Google in a fiercely competitive market, with Starbucks leading the way.

Microsoft unveils its answer to Siri

Microsoft's Cortana could soon become a standard feature on Windows phones.

Smart home automation could be a $1bn market by 2017

Smart appliances and electrics are just the first step as the Internet of Things at home becomes a reality for Australian consumers.

Mt Gox CEO ordered to come clean on failed bitcoin exchange

Mark Karpeles ordered to the United States to answer questions related to its US bankruptcy case.

Does Facebook have Google envy?

Some have called Mark Zuckerberg’s $US2bn punt on Oculus VR 'nuts', but in the fast-moving tech industry, focusing only on today's business can be dangerous.

Google's shrewd Ray-Ban fashion statement

Google's deal with Luxottica to mass produce Google Glass is an inevitable step in the nexus between tech companies and fashion.

Automation is bigger than you can imagine

The Machine to machine market is generating a lot of buzz but we have only scratched the surface of the M2M revolution.

Is WeChat the new Spotify?

Streaming is struggling to turn Australian music sales around. Could Asian trends offer hope?

Sony unveils its answer to Oculus Rift

Project Morpheus marks the first specialist gaming headset from Sony Computer Entertainment.

HP ready to take the 3D printing plunge

Company says it has solved a number of technical problems that have hindered broader adoption of the high-tech manufacturing process.

Tablet sales in Australia double to 4.8 million units

Local market for media tablets worth $2.4 billion, and this is just the beginning: Telsyte.

New online platform lays down the challenge to YouTube

Wonder PL, a new video platform for lifestyle content, says "YouTube is Wal-Mart" of online video.

Tesla pioneers aim to electrify race cars

Internode founder Simon Hackett teams with former Tesla Australia director Rudi Tuisk on Electric Vehicle tech start-up.

Smart cities: Who's running the agenda?

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The stakeholders planning the cities of the future must incorporate the wisdom of ordinary citizens if they are to succeed.

Perth millionaire takes Bitcoin company public

BRW rich-lister Zhenya Tsvetnenko takes a punt with digitalBTC the first crypto-currency-focussed company to be listed in Australia.

Privacy Act revisions: Little bark, no bite

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Australia’s revised privacy laws offer precious little protection given that they are essentially designed to fight yesterday’s battles.