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Square rolls out Register app far and wide

Mobile payments firm fires ahead with its plan to replace the cash register with free software.

Love it or loathe it, Uber is here to stay

Uber has a reputation problem but the start-up has been at war since its inception and it's not about to give up in a hurry.

Corning makes Gorilla Glass even stronger

Apple’s billion-dollar fail on ‘Sapphire’ displays has served as the perfect opportunity for the incumbent Corning to show off its latest ware.

Google plots a route back to China

Internet giant is considering bringing a version of its Play mobile-app store to a market that it mostly exited in 2010.

Pitch Perfect: Entering the lion's den of investors

Here's a look at some of Australia's top would-be entrepreneurs getting ready to impress the judges at the latest Carnegie’s Den event in Sydney.

Netflix hype won't destroy local TV

Netflix's is finally here and despite questions about the content and the cost of its local offering, its presence just might boost the Australian streaming sector.

Electronic voting ruled out by Canberra

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Australians won't be using computers to vote in federal elections any time soon.

WhatsApp sells the encryption message

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The Facebook-owned messaging service has joined Google and Apple in offering encryption to the masses, but is it all smoke and mirrors?

Inside Apple's billion dollar sapphire fail

Apple's alliance with GT Advanced Technology on super-hard sapphire screens for its new iPhones has turned into a rare misstep for the tech giant. It looks like the Apple-GT marriage was troubled from the start.

Twitter will now let you search every tweet ever sent

Social media company beefs up its search and discovery capability in its ongoing quest to make its content more relevant to users.

Netflix to officially launch in Australia in March

No talk of pricing for Australian subscribers, with the initial focus on original content.

Is Uber’s biggest rival itself?

On its war path to a $US30 billion valuation, the taxi industry disruptor continues to battle itself with questionable comments and tactics.

Google's Project Loon gains altitude

Internet giant happy to partner with major wireless players rather than compete with them on connecting remote locations.

Merkel's praise exposes Abbott's policy disconnect

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Angela Merkel’s visit to NICTA has allowed the organisation to state its case for survival. The German Chancellor's fulsome praise further highlights the deficiency in the Coalition’s industry policy in relation to information technology research.

Optus puts pedal to the medal on 4G rollout

Optus gets early access to more 700MHz to expand its regional footprint. Meanwhile, Vodafone lights up its 4G+ network in Melbourne.

Robots get a taste of recycling

University of NSW researchers say it is possible to automate the entire e-waste recycling process with cognitive robotics.

Uber to let Spotify Premium users take control

New partnership will let passengers of the ride-sharing service control the music when they get in a car.

Microsoft's "open source" transformation long overdue

The software giant has changed its tune on open source and it couldn't have come soon enough

Google takes aim at illegal fishing

Google teams up with mapping company SkyTruth and marine-advocacy group Oceana to create a new tool aimed at reining in illegal fishing world-wide.

Google Glass faces a cloudy future

Google's Glass is losing support among some developers who are choosing to focus on smartwatches instead.