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Can Bitcoin bridge the gap to our everyday lives?

The virtual currency has just suffered another serious slump in value and this might be a good time to pause and reflect on where Bitcoin is and where it might be going.

Telstra's T-Box might get the chop

Telco's IPTV set-top device is reportedly on the cusp of being phased out completely, with the product to be scrapped in favour of Foxtel’s iQ3.

Gearing up for the wearables revolution

The launch of Apple's smartwatch will give a massive boost to consumer take-up of wearable devices. Such technology is already becoming transformational for business.

Apple's iPhone 6 greeted by huge crowds

by AAP
Queues spring up around Australia as keen buyers get in early for the iPhone 6 release.

Sony plans to turn game division into hub for entertainment

Sony to develop service to stream games and other media onto phones, tablets, other devices.

I, robot: small factories and the rise of the machines

For as little as $US20,000, robots are handling tedious tasks without taking lunch breaks.

The evolution of Apple's iPhone, as told by press release quotes

It’s the ‘best iPhone ever’… until next year.

Two graphs that put the iPhone 6 price tag in perspective

It's a fantastic phone, but not such a good buy.

Apple delays HealthKit launch

Hopes to have iOS 8 app ready by the end of the month.

Amazon launches new reader tablets

Looks to tackle both the high and low-end market with new devices.

CoinJar to launch Bitcoin Eftpos system

Soon users will be able to spend their virtual currency anywhere.

Adobe Q3 earnings fall

Revenue falls as Adobe transitions to a subscription-based business model

Quickflix lashes out at Netflix

'We challenge Netflix to play by the rules', CEO Stephen Langsford says.

Will Australians keep buying movies in the online age?

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Netflix might be coming to Australia but, even if you're ready to abandon shiny optical discs, Hollywood wants you to keep buying movies.

New iPhone's NFC will only work with Apple Pay

New tech follows that same pattern seen with Apple's Touch ID system.

Apple boasts record pre-orders for iPhone 6 models

The "mother of all upgrades" appears to be paying off for Apple.

Australia one of the cheapest places in the world to rent digital content: AHEDA

Fires back at Choice's campaign on digital content prices.

Microsoft sends out invites for Windows 9 event

Company set to talk about the future of Windows in the enterprise.

Etihad Stadium to receive tech upgrade

Telstra and Cisco signed on to enhance the stadium's Wi-Fi and IPTV capabilities.

Microsoft buys Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5bn

Tech giant acquires Minecraft creator, but founder, game creator, CEO announce exit.