Chinese buyers lead charge in iPhone 6

by AFP
Chinese among the first in line in Japan to grab the "6" and its new large-screen cousin.

Gearing up for the wearables revolution

The launch of Apple's smartwatch will give a massive boost to consumer take-up of wearable devices. Such technology is already becoming transformational for business.

Sony plans to turn game division into hub for entertainment

Sony to develop service to stream games and other media onto phones, tablets, other devices.

The evolution of Apple's iPhone, as told by press release quotes

It’s the ‘best iPhone ever’… until next year.

All you need to know about the telcos' iPhone 6 deals

Looking for the best deal for an iPhone this Friday? Here's our wrap of all of the telcos' deals.

China demand fuels HK iPhone grey market

by AFP
HK vendors coping with a flood of pre-orders from Apple-obsessed mainland.

The expanding definition of the word "phablet"

As smartphone screens expand, so too has the use of the ugly word used to describe them.

Apple to ‘take a slice’ of bank fees

The technology giant has banks in its sights with the launch of its Apple Pay contactless payments system.

Apple Watch vs Android Wear

Apple Watch is finally here and while it may not have entirely lived up to the hype, it will still have Google looking over its shoulder.

The iPod Classic is gone but the spirit of the click wheel lives on

Yes, Apple has finally killed off the click wheel and while its demise was inevitable, it still hurts.

Apple Watch may be a blessing in disguise for Samsung

If Apple’s credibility and marketing heft can help turn the smartwatch from an oddball niche product into something that everyone should have, then how can Samsung complain?

iPhone 6 - did you get all you wanted?

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Apple has finally abandoned the one-size-fits-all iPhone, but do the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus tick all the boxes?

Delayed iPhone release highlights Apple's challenges in China

Decision to hold off on world's largest smartphone market marks departure from previous launch.

Banks alert to Apple Pay challenge

Apple's belated recognition of NFC technology coupled with its marketing prowess will have banks looking over their shoulder.

How Twitter covered the iPhone 6 launch

No fan-boys here but some delcious Twitter takedowns.

Apple's killer appeal lies in meaningful innovation

The iPhone 6 is here and for Apple, the two-hour presentation overnight wasn’t just about its latest batch of shiny toys -- but also about making a statement that it hasn’t lost its mojo.

Apple’s big reveal: 11 things you should know about

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Apple delivered three big, expected pieces of news but here are some of the more intriguing and even surprising details unveiled at the tech giant's two-hour event.

Securing the journey from mobile accessory to necessity

As mobile devices continue to proliferate companies need a strategy that allows employees to effectively use them in the workplace without compromising privacy.

Apple's Cook unveils smartwatch

Apple has entered its first new product category in more than four years.

CIO budgets are beefing up quickly

The number of chief information officers who have been granted a larger budget for the coming year has almost doubled, a report shows.