Corning makes Gorilla Glass even stronger

Apple’s billion-dollar fail on ‘Sapphire’ displays has served as the perfect opportunity for the incumbent Corning to show off its latest ware.

WhatsApp sells the encryption message

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The Facebook-owned messaging service has joined Google and Apple in offering encryption to the masses, but is it all smoke and mirrors?

Google Glass loses its mojo but it isn't all bad news

Google’s Glass was never going to be a bestseller and when it comes to wearables Google is seemingly opting for the path of least resistance.

Lenovo’ Yoga Tablet 2 Pro road tested

Lenovo's latest device bristles with features when compared to your average Android tablet, but then it should. At $799, the tablets sits squarely in the premium category.

Understanding the mobility lifecycle

So, what is this mobility lifecycle that's got enterprises all excited. Here are the four principles you need to know.

Optus puts pedal to the medal on 4G rollout

Optus gets early access to more 700MHz to expand its regional footprint. Meanwhile, Vodafone lights up its 4G+ network in Melbourne.

Google Glass faces a cloudy future

Google's Glass is losing support among some developers who are choosing to focus on smartwatches instead.

BlackBerry CEO’s message to CIOs

John Chen wants CIOs to know that his company is serious about managing many different types of devices, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy

Why the iWatch won't spark a health and fitness revolution

There has been a lot of hype in the media about how wearable tech will help you to live longer but its unclear why those who are not physically active will buy a device let alone wear it.

Apple accused of 'bait and switch' on Sapphire glass

Tech giant's bankrupt partner GT Advanced says Apple had turned it into a a “captive supplier” by “constant interference” and changes in product specifications.

The WireLurker wake-up call for Apple acolytes

The WireLurker malware once again dispels the notion of Apple devices being malware-proof. While limited in its scope the malware displays some remarkable characteristics.

Apple tackles iPhone WireLurker hack

Tech giant blocks newly discovered apps meant to help prying eyes spy on Chinese iPhone users.

Microsoft is giving away its Office 365 mobile apps

Microsoft Office now free on iOS and Android as software giant puts users over dollars with its cash cow franchise.

Xiaomi makes a profit on its cheap smartphones

Chinese tech firm’s earnings rose 84% last year.

Lenovo completes Motorola acquisition

World’s largest PC maker expands in the smartphone market.

Huawei’s Chen: Advanced tech can help us enter the U.S. market

Chinese hardware maker is looking to 5G, cloud and big data; security accusations have ‘no facts’.

REVIEW: Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z3 is the best smartphone Sony has ever made. It might not have cutting edge specs of newer flagships like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 but there's plenty of appeal for Android users.

After Alibaba, Xiaomi lures 29 banks for loan

Smartphone maker attracts interest as bankers hunt for next big Chinese tech deal.

The antiquated system plugged into every smartphone

Why is a keyboard system created for a typewriter in 1873 still prevalent in 2014, with no sign of waning in popularity?

Samsung’s primacy tested in China

South Korean giant to roll out cheaper line of phones to fend off competition from Xiaomi, others.