Is BlackBerry ripe for a comeback?

The once-dominant phone maker bets big on security to bring back the glory days.

China portal Sohu reports $US45m loss

by AP
Profits squeezed by heavy spending to build a mobile presence as Chinese web surfers shift towards mobile.

Blackberry, Dell unfazed by Apple-IBM partnership

Blackberry boss John Chen likens the tie-up to when "two elephants start dancing."

Bose sues Beats over headphone noise-cancellation patents

Apple's latest acquisition accused of infringing five patents allegedly used in its Studio and Studio Wireless line of headphones.

Secret iPhone data extraction process uncovered

Personal data including text messages, contact lists and photos can be extracted from iPhones through previously unpublicised techniques used by Apple employees,

An Apple antidote for Asian powerhouses

The iPhone 6 looks set to be a boon for companies from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Sony invests in image sensor production amid 'selfie' boom

Japanese giant courts handset makers to get more orders for front-facing camera sensors, used to take selfies.

REVIEW: Motorola Moto X

Long before Apple’s iPhone became synonymous with the mobile phone, there was Motorola. Now the pioneer is back and its Moto X could be Android’s answer to the iPhone.

Why the iPhone 6 is bad news for the iPad

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Sinking iPad sales are a blemish on Apple's latest numbers and the iPhone 6 is going to put the tablet under even greater pressure.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10: Overpriced and underpowered

For an $800-plus device, the ThinkPad Tablet 10 lacks grunt and to enjoy its full potential you'll have to shell out even more.

Microsoft's mobile phone failure

Satya Nadella's vision to angle a leaner Microsoft towards 'productivity and platforms' is unconvincing without a strong slice of the mobile market.

Apple should do more to tackle in-app purchases problem: EU

European Commission says Apple needs to make a firm commitment on tackling the issue of payment approvals.

Visa updates its online payments offering

Visa Checkout to replace by Visa with new interface, making online payments on any device simpler.

The best apps to fix your broken digital calendar

The calendar has always had one sole purpose: to keep us organised. But how do you organise your organisers?

Apple, IBM join forces to shake up enterprise mobility

Former rivals forge an exclusive partnership, with IBM to sell iPhones and iPads preloaded with business applications to its corporate clients.

Amazon aiming to advance its 'Prime Air' drones program

Company seeks FAA permission to test drones outdoors near Seattle

Coalition spruiks new power saver app

The federal government is lending households and businesses a helping hand when it comes to keeping their power bills under control, with a free Energy Rating app designed to help them choose energy efficient appliances.

PC market still has a pulse: Gartner

The global PC market may see a revival of sorts this year as the transition from Windows XP finally starts to flow through, according to research firm.

Smart Home standards race is on

Intel, Samsung and Dell join forces to establish their own standard framework – one that's at odds with the platform backed by Qualcomm, LG Electronics and other companies.

Smartphone blues for Samsung

South Korean electronics giant on track for its worst results in two years.