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The NBN twilight zone

The Coalition's multi-technology mix NBN poses technical and rollout coordination challenges that could well leave quite a few premises out in the cold.

NBN Co plots new course with nothing set in stone

With a disclaimer on every page, the latest NBN Co corporate plan is almost certain to have a short shelf life.

The benefits of breaking up NBN Co

Disaggregating NBN Co might be one way to encourage infrastructure-based competition, but it could prove a tricky process.

NBN Co split a good idea: Rod Sims

ACCC boss says that planning for NBN Co split needs to begin as quickly as possible and the separation should occur before any privatisation of the company.

Sims calls for NBN split

ACCC boss insists competition will be aided by split of National Broadband Network.

NBN and net neutrality: What it means for Australian consumers

In the next decade the NBN will become the dominant medium for content distribution and without net neutrality laws the larger service providers will make merry and further entrench their dominance.

NBN Co considers fibre on demand

Company will consider communities choosing to co-fund FTTP connections in FTTN areas.

Time to end the NBN spin cycle

It’s critically important that NBN Co is allowed to continue the rollout without the shackles of ideological persuasion, dubious timelines and an opacity that emboldens its many critics.

Value Investor: The NBN and two growing telcos

The NBN has lowered barriers to entry in the telecommunications sector, leaving two of Telstra's biggest rivals well placed to nab some of its market share.

Graeme Samuel slams NBN reviews

Former ACCC boss has some harsh words for the Scales Review, Telstra's rivals and says that content is the new telco battleground.

Foxtel and the NBN – threat or opportunity?

The pay TV giant could follow its international peers and become a broadband telco or choose to compete with disruptive OTT players like Netfflix. It’s a tough choice – but an important one.

NBN tweaks won't break the Telstra stranglehold

So much for a faster, cheaper and better NBN promised by the Coalition with such gusto prior to the last federal election. Our telecoms landscape is still firmly stuck in the mud.

NBN Co's great gamble

HFC might be able to give NBN Co a boost in connection numbers at the right time but it won't be easy or cheap.

Geelong cable users to get 'NBN level' speeds

iiNet doubles the capacity of its Geelong cable network, delivering up to 100Mbps to residents.

NBN panic could sink our broadband future

Is Malcolm Turnbull now in a similar position to the one Stephen Conroy found himself in back in 2009?

The best of this week's The Ticker

How Abbott is cutting more than red tape, two graphs on the NBN’s growth challenges and why comparison sites are Medibank’s next greatest threat.

Telstra-NBN deal a Christmas gift for the Coalition

With NBN Co making steady progress in its quest to get a million or so premises ready to be connected to the NBN by the end of fiscal 2015, chief executive Bill Morrow has some good news on the $11.2 billion renegotiation with Telstra.

NBN Co posts Q1 loss of $252m

NBN Co’s latest quarterly numbers show progress, CEO says $11.2 billion Telstra deal on 'home stretch.'

ACCC's position on Telstra's NBN bounty a mixed blessing

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Optus and the Competitive Carriers Coalition welcome regulator's decision to take the NBN payments out of the picture as it sets the price for Telstra's fixed line services.

What's good for Telstra is good for NBN Co

The draft carrier licence condition released by the government penalises the industry in favour of Telstra and NBN Co. With the fate of both entities closely intertwined Telstra's rivals are running out of options.