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Lessons from Britain's NBN journey

If nations are to truly maximise the potential of the digital economy they must start viewing broadband as a utility that's just as important as roads, rail and power.

NBN Co boosts broadband in the bush with latest satellite scheme

NBN Co hammers out agreement with satellite wholesaler IP Star to connect more customers in regional and rural Australia to a subsidised broadband service.

Vertigan NBN review panel to miss deadline: report

The independent NBN review panel led by former Victorian Treasury official Michael Vertigan is running late with the delivery of its two pending reports.

Alcatel weighs up NBN risk-reward equation

Technology vendor working with NBN Co to see how it can take on more joint accountability and risk associated with the project

Thodey's sitting pretty on Telstra's NBN war chest

David Thodey managed to lock in a huge NBN bounty with Labor, largely because Rudd wasn't across the numbers and Conroy was anxious to get a deal done. Telstra's CEO has big plans on how to spend that money.

Wrapping the NBN in cotton wool

NBN Co may have been given legislative protection that is unsurpassed in the nation's history, but is it the biggest anti-competitive arrangement ever?

Vertigan Review recommends tighter control on ACCC

Government appointed NBN review panel urges stricter controls on the competition watchdog, while leaving most of the regulations underpinning the NBN intact.

NBN Co given too much protection: Graeme Samuel

Former ACCC boss castigates Labor and the Coalition government for making NBN Co a protected species.

The other NBN overhaul

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow is ripping down the walls as he strives to stop the cultural rot that has plagued the organisation so far.

NBN Co restructures operations team

A dozen roles tagged for redundancy as NBN Co trims middle management fat.

Fels pans NBN arrangement

Former ACCC chief critical of competition exemptions for National Broadband Network.

NBN Co rolls out a new contract template

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NBN Co is setting up a new template with its construction partners and the old ways of measuring and rolling out the NBN are finally being put to rest.

NBN rejigs contracts to fix roll-out

NBN Co is radically revamping the billion-dollar construction contracts related to the NBN.

Alcatel Lucent delivers 10Gbps over existing copper

Vendor’s Bell Labs division pushes G.fast technology to the limit with XG-FAST, capable of delivery of 1 Gbps symmetrical services to premises that don’t have access to fibre.

Where will the NBN chaos take us?

The inception of the NBN has thrown our telecommunications industry into a state of turmoil and there's no easy fix at hand.

The NBN is now an acquisition

The NBN negotiations between the government and Telstra are effectively a battle over the price for the re-nationalisation of the telco's core assets. Telstra looks set to reap the rewards.

Stop knocking fixed wireless and get on with the NBN

Ignore the naysayers – increasing the NBN's fixed-wireless footprint is the best and quickest solution for continuing the rollout of a high-quality broadband network.

Turnbull attacks ACCC on NBN cost blowout

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Communications minister says regulator was not qualified to provide the advice on which the former Labor government relied when committing to the project.

Telstra's NBN Co fibre deal is more than just a trial

There's little doubt Malcolm Turnbull has had to refine his pre-election NBN promises, but is the communications minister just making it up as he goes?

NBN Co picks up pace with fixed wireless

Coverage increases fourfold in the last 12 months, with 106,000 premises now covered in the fixed wireless footprint.