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Why the NBN's cost-benefit analysis is flawed on arrival

Millions of dollars later, the Vertigan committee's report has so far failed to shed any useful or rigorous insight into the future direction of the NBN.

TPG’s fibre threat to NBN could have been avoided: Ergas

Inability to consider alternatives has cost the NBN in the long-run, Vertigan committee member says.

NBN Co has shaken its start-up roots: Switkowski

The transition has been hard for "true believers in the fibre religion", NBN Co chairman says.

A fibre freeze is hampering Tasmania’s tech transformation

The Apple Isle is forging a new future in the global digital economy, but issues with the NBN, data centres and backhaul are holding it back.

We must focus on moving forward with the NBN: Morrow

NBN Co chief says it's time to stop discussing what the NBN will look like in the future.

Turnbull's gift to NBN Co

Malcolm Turnbull's announcement of a new licencing condition for telecommunications carriers could put NBN Co on a surer footing in its battle with TPG.

ACCC won't stop TPG's fibre-to-the-basement network

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Telco to keep rolling out its fibre to apartments unfettered but will have to functionally separate its wholesale and retail divisions as part of a new license arrangement.

Australia's last chance for infrastructure competition

The Vertigan Panel has an opportunity to ensure that there are sufficient incentives for the private sector to build high speed broadband networks in the metros. This is the real NBN cost benefit analysis that needs to be done.

Analysing the NBN: Ethics and broadband politics

The Coalition's NBN reviews would have served a greater good if making an informed decision on Australia's broadband future was the main purpose. That was never on the cards.

Coalition's NBN speed forecasts are on the right track

Bandwidth demand forecasts need to be much more subtle than simply punting on past trends. A fact that some fibre-to-the-premises advocates have conveniently forgotten.

NBN Co tears faster, cheaper FTTP rollout claim to shreds

NBN Co posts a fierce riposte against claims that a fibre-to-the-premises pilot project in Melton had shown how a full-fibre NBN could be delivered cost effectively.

Failing the NBN reality test

When it comes to projected broadband needs of Australians the Vertigan panel's predictions are simply wrong.

Turnbull seeks advice on smoother NBN migration

Coalition keen to fix the deficiencies highlighted in the copper to NBN migration process in the first 15 rollout areas, with some customers yet to be connected to the network.

What the NBN cost-benefit review doesn't tell you

Nine months in the making the Coalition's landmark cost-benefit analysis still leaves many important questions unanswered.

Turnbull's NBN vision has no future in sight

The NBN is a technology that could transform the way services are delivered in Australia, but Malcolm Turnbull's cost-effective vision is short-changing our future.

Big pay day for NBN Co head honchos

A handful of former senior execs at NBN Co have received almost $5.5 million in “termination benefits”.

Clearing the air on a fibre-to-the-node NBN

With FTTN and HFC now set to form the backbone of the NBN, it’s time for NBN Co to shed some further light on the design rules.

A radical strategy shift has NBN Co hitting its stride

NBN Co's adoption of a lower-cost, less complex rollout strategy suggests the company is finally making progress after its troubled early history.

Time for a proper debate on NBN delivery to the bush

The real message of the NBN cost-benefit analysis is that we need to stop the current process outside the existing fixed-line regions. It's time to figure out the best way to provide broadband to rural and regional Australia without breaking the bank.

One in 10 Australians to get the NBN in FY2015

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Full steam ahead for multi-technology network with NBN Co tripling the number of services activated in the 12 months to June 30 2014.