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Big pay day for NBN Co head honchos

A handful of former senior execs at NBN Co have received almost $5.5 million in “termination benefits”.

Clearing the air on a fibre-to-the-node NBN

With FTTN and HFC now set to form the backbone of the NBN, it’s time for NBN Co to shed some further light on the design rules.

A radical strategy shift has NBN Co hitting its stride

NBN Co's adoption of a lower-cost, less complex rollout strategy suggests the company is finally making progress after its troubled early history.

Time for a proper debate on NBN delivery to the bush

The real message of the NBN cost-benefit analysis is that we need to stop the current process outside the existing fixed-line regions. It's time to figure out the best way to provide broadband to rural and regional Australia without breaking the bank.

One in 10 Australians to get the NBN in FY2015

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Full steam ahead for multi-technology network with NBN Co tripling the number of services activated in the 12 months to June 30 2014.

Rolling out NBN into the bush ‘a multi-billion-dollar risk’

Former ACCC commissioner Stephen King calls for a debate on whether a multi-billion-dollar subsidy for the rollout of superfast broadband to the bush is money “well spent”.

NBN Co to appeal Telstra's $200m CPI win

NBN Co to once again lock horns with the telco over when consumer price index adjustments should start applying under the $11 billion NBN deal.

Turnbull's take on the NBN review

In this video interview, the telecommunications minister tells David Uren from The Australian why the mixed-technology model is a better option.

Something for everyone in the NBN cost-benefit analysis

The need for speed will ultimately determine the NBN’s growth, capacity and cost as well as the demand for technology across rural Australia and major cities.

Coalition NBN better value: analysis

Govt commissioned cost-benefit analysis suggests Coalition NBN to offer $16bn net benefit over Labor plans.

NBN work slows in some states

Disputes with key contractors slowing progress on National Broadband Network: report.

Google Fiber is fast, but is it fair?

As Google's model gathers momentum, there are questions about whether residents of poor or underserved neighborhoods will be left behind.

Coalition moves to fill in the 'spectrum gap'

NBN Co could potentially acquire 3.5GHz spectrum for fixed wireless in metro areas.

NBN Co flexes FTTN muscle

Company to independently build more than 300 additional nodes, with Bill Morrow saying that building the NBN won't be a one horse race.

NBN usage fee will burn consumers: iiNet

The nation’s third-ranked broadband provider has warned that consumers could be slugged higher internet access charges unless NBN Co drastically reduces the cost of its contro­versial impost.

Vodafone boss rails against Telstra's NBN bounty

Australian taxpayers need to ask serious questions about the compensation being paid to Telstra, Iñaki Berroeta warns.

Labor’s NBN bubble has burst

When it comes to Australia's broadband future the opposition has seemingly lost its voice.

In defence of a full-fibre NBN

Thanks to insufferable games of political brinkmanship, Australia is destined to become a broadband backwater while the rest of the world moves on without us.

Telstra to give copper, HFC network to NBN Co at no extra cost

Malcolm Turnbull hails telco's announcement as major milestone in the NBN process, but Telstra still in line to derive additional revenue from the transaction.

Telstra's NBN Co gift that keeps on giving

The progressive 'gifting' of Telstra's copper and HFC network assets will give NBN Co complete ownership of the fixed network while allowing Telstra to reduce its operational expenditure and concentrate on its future.