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Access Denied: UK's broadband gap grows ever wider

The disparity in the quality of service between city and country in the UK is large and growing fast. Can BT bridge the divide in time?

NBN Co moves to extend FTTN trial footprint

Fibre-to-the-Node component of the NBN starts to take shape with more than 140 suburbs in New South Wales and Queensland set to receive the technology.

Can HFC be NBN Co's saviour?

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow’s decision to create a separate HFC division was always on the cards -- and the move can’t come soon enough.

Why the NBN won't (always) make your internet faster

The NBN is great for shipping larger files but when it comes to websites it won’t provide much of a speed boost, if at all.

Ground laid for NBN split

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow takes first step to splitting company with creation of new HFC division.

TPG structural separation in Coalition's sights

Malcolm Turnbull delivers the next stage of his plan to provide NBN Co with a modicum of protection against TPG Telecom and its fibre-to-the-basement network.

The NBN phony war is over

Breaking Telstra's dominance was never going to be easy and the Coalition's NBN 2.0 has inevitably compounded the problem. With its rivals up in arms how is the Telstra split going to play out?

Thodey sees progress on NBN deal

Telstra confident on reaching a deal with NBN Co, but still a 'few issues' to sort through.

Attack of the NBN zealots

Diehard fibre fans aren't NBN Co's only problem. The company's fate is being written by economic zealots that need to be put back in the box.

Telstra labels Optus' call for separation an unproductive distraction

Incumbent telco says that Optus chairman Paul O'Sullivan is trying to reignite debate on an issue that has already come under considerable scrutiny.

Optus wants Telstra break-up to follow BT template

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Telco's chairman Paul O'Sullivan says Telstra's NBN bounty will bury competition in the telecommunications space.

Breaking up NBN Co needs immediate action

The Vertigan panel's final report may have drawn much criticism, but we need to get off the fence and choose a policy direction nonetheless.

Australia's need for internet speed is ramping up: ABS

Australians downloaded nearly one million terabytes - or one exabyte - of data via broadband in the three months to June this year with more opting for higher speeds.

Vertigan panel recommendations a tawdry rehash: CCC

Competitive Carriers’ Coalition savages Vertigan panel's final report labelling its recommendations as "discredited theoretical arguments promoted by opponents of regulatory reform and the NBN.”

NBN Co tied up in fibre knots

The past couple of weeks have not been pleasant for NBN Co's senior management and things could get a lot worse, especially if the cost of running fibre straight to premises continues to tumble.

NBN Co's muti-technology rollout to pick up pace in 2015

The long-term future of NBN Co, as stipulated by the Vertigan panel, may well be one in which it’s carved-up but rolling out the network remains the organisation’s immediate challenge.

NBN Co split best option for competition: Vertigan panel

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The final installment of the NBN review pushes for a break up of NBN Co, a view that has been discounted by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Too late for Vertigan's best NBN lessons

The core element of the Vertigan Committee's attempt to introduce infrastructure-based competition to broadband won't be adopted any time soon. That makes TPG's efforts more meaningful at this point in time.

Opposition challenges Turnbull to release NBN corporate plan

Opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare lays down the gauntlet for his federal counterpart, telling Turnbull to lift the lid on key document.

No conspiracy to hide Melton NBN trial results: Morrow

NBN Co boss says findings from fibre-to-the-premises trial will be incorporated but only after documents have been properly validated by the company.