The biggest, baddest bug on the internet

With the memory of the Heartbleed bug still lingering the Bash bug looks set to cause sleepless nights for many system administrators.

Living in the land of data retention

For most Australians, a mandatory data retention scheme will only mean a higher monthly bill and despite the National Security Agency's shenanigans Canberra wants to send us down the same garden path.

Impact of Home Depot breach on rise

Data breach at Home Depot has triggered fraudulent transactions across the US.

Securing your new iPhone in three simple steps

The iCloud may not as be as safe as you think and here's how you secure your Apple accounts and devices—whether you’re a first-time owner or just upgrading.

Telstra buys stake in US DocuSign

The telco pays millions for a stake in US electronic signatures firm DocuSign.

Home Depot breach bigger than Target's

Home Depot says 56m cards may have been compromised in five-month attack on its payment terminals.

Apple rolls out new privacy protections

by AFP
It will soon be impossible for the tech giant to unlock a device even with a warrant.

Quadrant claims $140m stake in tech firm

Quadrant Private Equity secures 45% stake in Canberra Data Centres: report.

Home Depot hack reveals a dangerous trend

First Target, now Home Depot. In a world where breaches are increasingly becoming commonplace there has never been a greater need to enforce mandatory reporting of data leaks.

Yahoo faced hefty fines in its fight to keep NSA at bay

Internet giant was facing a charge of $US250,000 a day if it didn't comply to the US government's requests for customer data.

Securing the journey from mobile accessory to necessity

As mobile devices continue to proliferate companies need a strategy that allows employees to effectively use them in the workplace without compromising privacy.

Home Depot confirms data breach

by AP
Fears that latest hacking of US retailer could be one of the worst in history.

Apple to add security alerts for iCloud users

Chief executive Tim Cook denies allegations that a lax attitude toward security had allowed intruders to post nude photos of celebrities on the internet.

Underground nude celebrity trading ring likely source of leaked photos

A relatively closed circle of hackers who share their ill-gotten photos could be behind the leak that left celebrities and Apple red-faced.

Who is to blame when iCloud is ‘hacked’ – you or Apple?

Apple is blaming the victims of the attack without acknowledging the role its service plays in opening up private data to these attacks.

Apple denies iCloud breach

Tech giant says it hasn't found breach in iCloud system in wake of celebrity photo hacking.

Celebrities, nudity and how 4chan drives the internet

Online bulletin board, 4chan, is at it again and the latest episode of celebrity baiting again enhances its reputation as the platform of choice for controversy and internet virality.

Telstra sheds light on metadata requests

Telco's latest privacy report shows it received 84,949 requests from the law enforcement agencies, with only 3.9 per cent accompanied with a warrant.

JP Morgan sees no 'unusual fraud'

Hacking attack on JP Morgan may also have been directed at five other US banks.

FBI probes possible hacking incident at JP Morgan

Fears emerge of a significant breach of corporate computer security at US bank.