Data Security

The Heartbleed security time bomb is still ticking

The bug that has preoccupied thousands of websites and millions of users may well have been the biggest security flaw in internet history but it is unlikely to be the last.

'Heartbleed' blamed for Canada tax agency attack

Personal information of about 900 people compromised, experts warn more attacks likely to follow.

Google unveils email scanning practices

Update to Gmail terms of service details how the search giant analyses users' mail as basis for targeted ads.

ACCC admits to personal data breach

Consumer watchdog says unknown number of subscriber email addresses left accessible online.

Heartbleed: Should you change your passwords?

There's no need to panic, but nor should you be complacent – follow these simple guidelines to ensure your data is protected.

'Heartbleed' peril goes beyond websites

OpenSSL flaw leaves email systems, security firewalls and even mobile phones vulnerable to hackers.

Bringing your own portable security nightmare

BYOD is fast becoming the top concerns for many organisations and if it’s isn't, it should be.

Internet users defenceless against 'Heartbleed' bug

Security experts warn there's little users can do to protect themselves against hackers until websites upgrade their software.

'Heartbleed' bug a worldwide threat to user data

Google, Codenomicon find bug in widely used encryption technology OpenSSL that has made data on major websites – including passwords – vulnerable to theft by hackers.

Businesses losing data even with back-up measures in place

Global research finds more firms are taking back-up measures to protect their data but are falling victim to common pitfalls.

Data industries must be prepared for $300bn Internet of Things

Gartner Inc says data management sector must transform itself to accommodate significant new challenges.

IBM denies giving client data to US government

Tech giant says it would challenge any government order to relinquish user data.

How will the new privacy laws affect smartphone tracking?

The extent to which the Privacy Act's new definition of 'personal information' covers this growing practice is unclear - and a missed opportunity.

Telstra violates thousands of customers' privacy

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Privacy Commissioner, ACMA find telco left more than 15,000 customers' details accessible on the internet for over a year.

Ukraine's computers 'targeted by virus'

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Virus has some Russian text embedded and infects dozens of networks, says BAE.

British man charged with hacking Fed

UK citizen allegedly hacked computer servers, disclosed personal info.

Britain spied on Yahoo webcam chats: report

Snowden files show GCHQ intercepted and stored info from millions of chats.

Tinder security flaw discovered

Firm discovers flaw in popular hook-up app that reveals user locations.

Kickstarter data gets hacked

Crowd-funding site says hackers accessed some customers' data last week.

Data security rising concern: study

Information Commissioner finds growing fears about privacy, data security.