Data Security

Hackers take data on 4m US govt staff

US officials suspect hackers based in China are behind the attack, but probe is ongoing.

How safe is your family business?

You wouldn't leave your house unlocked, but most Australian family businesses are leaving their keys in the door for cyber criminals.

Hackers target White House tech

Computers at the White House have been the subject of hacking attacks in recent weeks.

iCloud servers not compromised: Apple

Apple says 'organised network attacks' haven't compromised the firm's iCloud servers.

Apple's iCloud under attack in China

Mainland China users of iCloud hit by attack that could compromise personal data.

It's splitsville for Symantec

Corporation to form separate publicly traded companies, one focused on security and the other targeting information management.

Impact of Home Depot breach on rise

Data breach at Home Depot has triggered fraudulent transactions across the US.

Home Depot breach bigger than Target's

Home Depot says 56m cards may have been compromised in five-month attack on its payment terminals.

Quadrant claims $140m stake in tech firm

Quadrant Private Equity secures 45% stake in Canberra Data Centres: report.

Home Depot hack reveals a dangerous trend

First Target, now Home Depot. In a world where breaches are increasingly becoming commonplace there has never been a greater need to enforce mandatory reporting of data leaks.

Home Depot confirms data breach

by AP
Fears that latest hacking of US retailer could be one of the worst in history.

JP Morgan sees no 'unusual fraud'

Hacking attack on JP Morgan may also have been directed at five other US banks.

FBI probes possible hacking incident at JP Morgan

Fears emerge of a significant breach of corporate computer security at US bank.

Telcos open to a frank discussion on metadata

The Communications Alliance welcomes the latest clarification provided by communications minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Google, Yahoo could make encryption mainstream

Internet giants keen to create a secure email system by next year that could make it nearly impossible for hackers or government officials to read users' messages.

Abbott's national security failure

Malcolm Turnbull's expertise could have prevented the government's bungled attempt to sell mandatory data retention. Abbott has shot himself in the foot with a fatal disregard for political process.

Trend Micro warns on privacy of Telstra Media NRL app

Security firm says app requests unnecessary data from users that can be used to track their movements across various online accounts.

Mandatory data retention is a rort

Ultimately it will be consumers and businesses who foot the compliance bill for any mandatory data retention scheme – and those costs will only keep rising alongside our unquenchable thirst for data.

Customers vent anger after CatchOfTheDay takes 3 years to reveal data breach

The daily deals website admits credit card information of some customers was compromised back in 2011.

Microsoft's post-Snowden offensive

The tech giant's top lawyer is rallying the industry heavyweights to make spying on customer information harder for governments.