Data Security

Mandatory data retention is a rort

Ultimately it will be consumers and businesses who foot the compliance bill for any mandatory data retention scheme – and those costs will only keep rising alongside our unquenchable thirst for data.

Customers vent anger after CatchOfTheDay takes 3 years to reveal data breach

The daily deals website admits credit card information of some customers was compromised back in 2011.

Microsoft's post-Snowden offensive

The tech giant's top lawyer is rallying the industry heavyweights to make spying on customer information harder for governments.

Why cops are spying on your smartphone metadata

Data from mobile phone towers can give accurate and valuable information about an individual's whereabouts – and police don't even need a warrant.

Police hoover up mobile phone data of everyday users

Greens senator Scott Ludlam, Electronic Frontiers Australia call for greater restriction on agencies and the types of investigations under which 'tower dumps' can be used.

A year after Snowden, how far have we come?

The Reset the Net campaign delivers an important message about surveillance but missing is an emphasis on the role of the corporate sector.

Forget the firewall, it's time to cosy up to your data

Businesses must go beyond the ‘perimeter’ approach to security and focus on understanding the nature of their data and managing access accordingly.

US states probe eBay over cyberattack

Online retailer under fire as Connecticut, Florida and Illinois investigate its security practices.

Breach at eBay puts 145m at risk

by AFP
Number of users affected by massive data breach could be as many as 145 million.

eBay hit by cyberattack

by AFP
US online giant says cyberattackers broke into its database housing customers' personal data.

Why Microsoft is unethical for universities

Institutions should leverage their trend-setting capacity by kicking their addiction to surveillance software and choosing encrypted open source options instead.

Multicard breaches privacy of 9000 applicants

Privacy Commissioner finds Maritime Security Identity Card applicants' data accessible online, and some of it was downloaded.

AOL user data compromised

Company urges email account holders to change passwords and security questions following cyber attack.

The Heartbleed security time bomb is still ticking

The bug that has preoccupied thousands of websites and millions of users may well have been the biggest security flaw in internet history but it is unlikely to be the last.

'Heartbleed' blamed for Canada tax agency attack

Personal information of about 900 people compromised, experts warn more attacks likely to follow.

Google unveils email scanning practices

Update to Gmail terms of service details how the search giant analyses users' mail as basis for targeted ads.

ACCC admits to personal data breach

Consumer watchdog says unknown number of subscriber email addresses left accessible online.

Heartbleed: Should you change your passwords?

There's no need to panic, but nor should you be complacent – follow these simple guidelines to ensure your data is protected.

'Heartbleed' peril goes beyond websites

OpenSSL flaw leaves email systems, security firewalls and even mobile phones vulnerable to hackers.

Bringing your own portable security nightmare

BYOD is fast becoming the top concerns for many organisations and if it’s isn't, it should be.