Wireless Security

iOS Wi-Fi bug can crash iPhones, iPads

SSL vulnerability can send iOS devices into endless reboot loop.

Apple denies iCloud breach

Tech giant says it hasn't found breach in iCloud system in wake of celebrity photo hacking.

Apple's golden iOS security standard thrown out the back door

Everything from DropBox to iPhoto uploads, Safari web traffic and email is now exposed to those with the right networking know-how.

Australians lax on online security

New research finds most Australians use public Wi-Fi networks but pay scant attention to how secure they are.

Fix for Mac flaw coming soon: Apple

Max OS X update imminent following mobile iOS 7 fix released Friday.

Digital carjacking: Security flaws in autos

The secrets of breaking and entering into a car's critical systems have so far been a closely guarded secret, but that's about to change as a couple of hackers get ready to reveal the blueprints.

Obama defends surveillance

US president responds to dramatic revelations; UK spy agency reportedly accessed data.

Reflections on retrospective security

With new and dangerous malware infecting our computers every day, there's now a potent argument for cyber security measures that use data and insight gleamed from past infections to help prevent new ones.

Small business lags on computer security

Small businesses have embraced the internet but 16 per cent don't use anti-virus software and 30 per cent don't use a protective firewall, a new study shows.

Symantec sued over 'scareware'

ReutersA lawsuit filed against Symantec Corp claims that the software maker seeks to persuade consumers to buy its products by scaring them with misleading information about the health of their computers.

The mobile malware myth

Despite fears of an explosion the overall volume of mobile threats has remained pretty low compared to computer-based threats. That could change quickly as mobile technology gets more sophisticated.

Beware of smartphone snoopers

While new research highlights the potential use of smartphones as spying devices by intrepid code breakers, the technique of using accelerometers to keep track of keystrokes doesn’t look that feasible in the real world.

An almost perfect productivity push

Productivity gains don't always coincide with employee preferences, but that's the case with increasing demands from workers to use their own personal devices at work. If only it didn't throw up so many security headaches.

How business can tame notebooks

It's all well and good for consumers to dump their PCs for notebooks in the search for mobility, but when a business does the same its workers often become more distant and vulnerable to security breaches. How can this be overcome?

Google, Apple criticised by US lawmakers on mobile privacy

ReutersUS lawmakers considering new privacy laws scolded Google and Apple for not doing enough to guard mobile device users' location data, despite executives' assertions that they do not abuse the information.

Google destroys Wi-Fi data after privacy review

Search giant Google today revealed that several months ago it had destroyed the payload data its Streetview cars had collected over the past several years as they brushed past Wi-Fi networks on their journeys around Australia, finally putting an end to one of the Australian technology sector's most controversial privacy scandals.