Social Media

Twitter seeks its Google moment

Twitter launches new app development platform called Fabric, a suite of tools aimed to make it the first port of call for developers.

Australian social network prepares for ASX listing

Sydney-based 'question and answer' social network in talks with institutional investors to raise $3 to $5 million.

Snapchat vows not to be ‘creepy’ with first ads

Mobile-messaging start-up says ads will appear as an optional button alongside other “recent updates” in the app and will disappear after 24 hours.

An Australian geek's Snapchat payday

Perth's Jeremy Liew has a knack for spotting the next big thing in Silicon Valley and with his punt on Snapchat paying off, the self-described 'math geek' has his eyes set on another target.

Skype relaunches Qik as social video messaging app

The new app, named after a mobile video pioneer that Skype acquired in 2011, lets you send short video messages—42 seconds at most—back and forth to friends.

Snapchat blames photo leak on unauthorised third-party apps

Social media site's latest statement gives credence to reports that hackers have published a searchable online database of stolen Snapchat photos.

Twitter sues US govt over data request disclosures

Says the US Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are violating the social media company’s First Amendment rights.

Facebook to launch anonymous app: report

Facebook to tackle the issue of "real identity" with a new app, says media reports.

Facebook closes WhatsApp buy

by AFP
Facebook has sealed the $US19bn acquisition of mobile messaging group WhatsApp.

Yahoo to tip money into Snapchat

Internet pioneer may be looking to back up its successful punt in Alibaba with a substantial investment in the messaging start-up.

Facebook is TV's ice bucket challenge

Facebook's critics thought its video advertising push would be a flop. They were wrong, and the implications for the TV industry are huge.

Facebook to change how it conducts experiments on users

Social media network to giving its researchers more guidance and add internal reviews.

Nine social media threats you need to be aware of

Staying safe on the internet isn't easy but here are some best practices for avoiding these threats.

Chinese e-commerce fruit ripe for the picking

In 2000, there were 94 million internet users in China but that number will pass one billion in the next several years. Australian businesses need to do the math and take China out of the too hard basket.

Facebook apologises over drag queen 'real name' fight

The social network is changing how it treats people who don’t use their real names on social network, following an uproar over its crackdown on pseudonyms used by drag queens.

Twitter, MIT to analyse every tweet

Twitter is giving every tweet ever made publicly to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the name of research.

Five things you need to know about Facebook's latest ad-targeting program

Facebook has unveiled a revamped version of Atlas, the ad platform it acquired from Microsoft last year, which will incorporate data from Facebook users to place ads. What does that mean for those on the network?

Ello: The 'Anti-Facebook' social network

The latest darling of the social networking space is turning heads and it when it comes to privacy what Ello offers seems closer to the wild west of the internet’s past.

Google eases up on requiring Google+ during account sign-ups

The Google+ sign-up requirement may have been dumped because it was deterring people from signing up for other services.

Australia's climate march, in tweets

Here's how we contributed to what's being called the largest climate march in history.