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Reddit updates its social media clout

With its retro '90s look and space-alien mascot that tracks everything from online news to celebrity Q&As, the nine-year-old content platform is ready to shake things up.

How Twitter obliterated the mining industry's latest lobbying campaign

The Minerals Council took to Twitter to give the 'silent majority' a voice. Instead it turned itself into the target of a very vocal majority.

Twitter buys data analytics partner Gnip

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Social media heavyweight buys out its first data partner.

Twitter CEO, co-founders say they'll keep their shares

Dorsey, Williams and Costolo tell regulators they don't plan to offload their company shares after post-IPO restrictions are lifted on May 5.

Twitter reveals why politicians shouldn't crowdsource the budget

It wasn't a '#StrongChoice' by the Queensland state government.

Can Oculus Rift survive Facebook?

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Virtual reality outfit Oculus may yet become one of the biggest tech success stories of this decade but it has squandered a lot of goodwill by choosing to embrace Facebook.

Facebook-WhatsApp deal cleared by FTC

US Federal Trade Commission warns Facebook must not backtrack on commitments to user privacy.

Facebook shifting to fewer but bigger ads

Changes to appear on website version of social network, not mobile site.

Twitter freshens up its user profile pages

The micro-blogging network's redesign incorporates 'Facebook-like' elements.

Twitter snaps up Cover

Social network moves to carve out a place of prominence within Android ecosystem, buying context-aware lock screen app developer Cover.

US created a $1.2bn Twitter-like service in Cuba

"Discreet" operation was intended to promote democracy on the island but US officials say the effort wasn't aimed at fomenting unrest.

Turkey lifts Twitter ban

Constitutional court rules the block breached freedom of expression. Meanwhile, YouTube still remains offline.

Is Facebook for business now a waste of time?

This witty blog post from a US company makes a very good argument against investing time and money into Facebook.

The YouTube superstar you haven't heard of yet

Irreverent video gamer and online star PewDiePie just might hold the key to the future of the video platform – and Google is listening.

Turkey takes down YouTube

Turkish government blocks YouTube after leak of secret security talks.

Did Twitter cover MH370 better than the mainstream media?

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More evidence that social media could one day replace traditional news outlets.

Facebook buys Oculus VR

Facebook has decided to splash its cash in the hardware space, with the social network snapping up the virtual reality technology star.

Turkey lashes out at 'biased' Twitter as block continues

Authorities slam social media site for PM 'character assassinations'; citizens claim problems with broader web access.

Obama tweets congratulations to Dayton basketball team

US President uses social network to personally give underdog team a pat on the back.

#AusPol exposed: Ten quirky Twitter flashpoints in Australian politics

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Cory Bernardi, Anna Bligh’s handbag and of course, Clive Palmer, top our list of some of the most bizarre cases of social media use in Australian politics.