Grey cloud hangs over startups

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Study finds fuel costs as the biggest hurdle for new firms seeking to grow their business.

Beat the Q, Posse create e-commerce heavyweight

Two Australian shopping start-ups join forces in a bid to become a one-stop shop retail app for consumers.

Finding a smart use for 'dumb money'

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What will it take to get Australians to take a punt on start-ups rather than horses?

Silicon Valley tech giants: real innovators or spoilt rich kids?

Innovation on a whim is founded on the myth of special people with a magic touch. Silicon Valley just might be where radical ideas end up, rather than where they come from.

Melbourne start-up takes aim at SME funding gap

Moula ready to carve out a new channel to capital for small to medium businesses through an online platform that can provide a loan in minutes.

Time to stop thinking like the 'big end of town'

The '3B creed' that drives our corporate clique -- the boat, the Beamer and the big house in Balmoral -- is in desperate need of an overhaul.

An Australian geek's Snapchat payday

Perth's Jeremy Liew has a knack for spotting the next big thing in Silicon Valley and with his punt on Snapchat paying off, the self-described 'math geek' has his eyes set on another target.

Start-ups win on share options

Australia’s start-up scene will welcome the Abbott government's changes to the taxation of employee share schemes.

Start-ups get their wish on employee share options

Coalition government confirms long-awaited changes to the way employee share options are taxed, albeit with some conditions.

Riding the fourth wave of start-ups

Silicon Valley serial investor Bill Tai reckons Australian start-ups have the goods to mix it up with the best in the world.

Hub Australia to launch new office in Brisbane

New space scheduled for launch in the second half of 2015 as the co-working space operator looks to capitalise on Australia's start-up boom.

Billson backs crowdsourced equity funding

Small Business minister becomes the latest cabinet minister to publicly back the need for crowdsourced equity funding.

Board to death: Our fat, dumb corporations are clueless on innovation

Our captains of industry are underexposed to entrepreneurship, technology-driven disruption and competitive friction.

Chinese e-commerce fruit ripe for the picking

In 2000, there were 94 million internet users in China but that number will pass one billion in the next several years. Australian businesses need to do the math and take China out of the too hard basket.

Hope springs eternal for GE's Sydney software hub

October will be crunch time for multinational firm GE as its American parent decides whether to provide millions of dollars in funding for a software hub in Sydney.

Full steam ahead for ingogo

Mobile payments start-up ingogo secures more than $9 million in funding and attracts several high-profile investors including one with links to Alibaba.

The start-up giving Telstra's HealthEngine a run for its money

Just two years ago Benjamin Hurst was living in New York taking creative writing classes. Now he's CEO of a medical start-up that's scoring big wins in Australia.

Invoice2go valued at US$100m after $US35m funding

Home-grown invoicing app attracts heavyweight investment with it's effective mix of simplicity and pricing.

PayPal spells out the blueprint for aspiring start-ups

Industry heavyweight PayPal and its partner Braintree are looking to give eligible outfits in the payments space a helping hand through a joint start-up support program - Startup Blueprint.

Stuff-ups key to start-up success

Australia's aspiring start-ups told to keep faith with their idea and not be held back by a fear of failure.