News Corp calls Google a 'platform for piracy'

Publisher joins calls for EU to throw out settlement with search engine

Two graphs that put the iPhone 6 price tag in perspective

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It's a fantastic phone, but not such a good buy.

iPhone maker Foxconn struggles to keep up with demand

Apple fans may have to wait for weeks to get their hands on the tech company's latest devices.

Telco complaints hit a six-year low

But complaints to the Ombudsman about excess data charges are on the rise.

Quickflix lashes out at Netflix

'We challenge Netflix to play by the rules', CEO Stephen Langsford says.

The telcos' grand iPhone 6 designs

Despite the diminishing effects of successive iPhone launches on dynamics between Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, the iPhone 6 is a big deal.

Australia one of the cheapest places in the world to rent digital content: AHEDA

Fires back at Choice's campaign on digital content prices.

A fibre freeze is hampering Tasmania’s tech transformation

The Apple Isle is forging a new future in the global digital economy, but issues with the NBN, data centres and backhaul are holding it back.

Huawei internal probe exposes evidence of corruption

Up to 116 employees potentially engaged in corrupt activities, company says.

Facebook hires Google satellite executive

Space race to connect every inch of the planet to the internet escalates.

Optus rejigs chairman, CEO roles

CEO Paul O'Sullivan to take up part-time role as chairman after 10 years in the telco's top job.

Telstra ramps up its 4G play

Telco to light up its 4G network on New Year's Day with the roster of 4G 700-compatible devices set to be beefed up as the iPhone 6 and Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 come on board.

ACCC won't stop TPG's fibre-to-the-basement network

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Telco to keep rolling out its fibre to apartments unfettered but will have to functionally separate its wholesale and retail divisions as part of a new license arrangement.

Australian M2M market to be worth $530m by 2019

Telcos gearing up to take advantage as the Internet of Things trend starts to make an impact in the local transport and logistic, healthcare and retail sectors.

Australia's last chance for infrastructure competition

The Vertigan Panel has an opportunity to ensure that there are sufficient incentives for the private sector to build high speed broadband networks in the metros. This is the real NBN cost benefit analysis that needs to be done.

Abbott government’s data storage call to create police state: iiNet

iiNet’s regulatory chief, Steve Dalby, says data retention plan threatens the telco’s commercial operations, is an assault on Australia’s civil rights and would be vulnerable to constitutional challenge.

Telstra hits back at Optus' network switch play

It hasn’t taken long for Telstra to crash Optus' party with the telco matching its rival’s offer to encourage customers to walk away from their existing contracts.

Analysing the NBN: Ethics and broadband politics

The Coalition's NBN reviews would have served a greater good if making an informed decision on Australia's broadband future was the main purpose. That was never on the cards.

Apple unveils new iPhones, smartwatch

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Tech giant opts for size boost in latest incarnations of iPhone, enters watch market.

Coalition's NBN speed forecasts are on the right track

Bandwidth demand forecasts need to be much more subtle than simply punting on past trends. A fact that some fibre-to-the-premises advocates have conveniently forgotten.