Australian Privacy Commissioner and ACMA seal co-operation pact

Government agencies ACMA and the Australian Privacy Commissioner have signed a MOU that will see them work closer together in a formal capacity.

NBN Co's great gamble

HFC might be able to give NBN Co a boost in connection numbers at the right time but it won't be easy or cheap.

The home automation hot pot

With the Intenet of Things spilling over into the home, the automation networks of the near future could resemble an electronic patchwork quilt.

Telcos cautious on Coalition's metadata push

The industry urges further clarity on the technical and financial details underpinning the data retention regime as 'surveillance tax' fear sprouts.

iiNet to roll out $6.7m Wi-Fi network in Victoria

VicGovFree network to cover the central business districts of Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo, with users given a daily data quota of 250 megabytes.

Vodafone loses chief marketing officer

Kim Clarke leaves telco after playing a critical role in helping Vodafone salvage its reputation in the market.

The Coalition's metadata agenda: Q&A with Scott Ludlam

The Coalition is prosecuting a flawed and expensive regulation of technology that it barely understands and national security has nothing do with it.

Geelong cable users to get 'NBN level' speeds

iiNet doubles the capacity of its Geelong cable network, delivering up to 100Mbps to residents.

Telstra starts global hunt for new CIO

Patrick Eldridge ends his four year tenure at telco.

NBN panic could sink our broadband future

Is Malcolm Turnbull now in a similar position to the one Stephen Conroy found himself in back in 2009?

Optus aids Foxtel's HD push

Optus and Foxtel extend their long-running relationship with the pay TV operator signing up for additional capacity on the telco’s D3 satellite.

Optus buoyed by new Riverbed partnership

Optus has released its new ANPM solution that will see employees use Riverbed's SteelCentral platform to analyse cloud data.

Telstra's T-Box still alive with new Yahoo7 deal

Telstra signs a deal with Yahoo7 that will see the PLUS7 catch-up service delivered to T-Box customers.

Vocus Communications sets its sights on Amcom

Vocus puts an all-scrip deal on the table for Perth-based telco after snapping up a 10% stake in the target.

Telstra's quest to stay relevant

The 'customer first' mantra may motivate the troops but true digital transformation requires a deeper, cultural change about where the customer fits into the final equation.

Telstra-NBN deal a Christmas gift for the Coalition

With NBN Co making steady progress in its quest to get a million or so premises ready to be connected to the NBN by the end of fiscal 2015, chief executive Bill Morrow has some good news on the $11.2 billion renegotiation with Telstra.

Telstra allots $1bn for Asia growth

Telco to set aside cash to spend on overseas ­acquisitions and infrastructure investments.

NBN Co posts Q1 loss of $252m

NBN Co’s latest quarterly numbers show progress, CEO says $11.2 billion Telstra deal on 'home stretch.'

ACCC's position on Telstra's NBN bounty a mixed blessing

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Optus and the Competitive Carriers Coalition welcome regulator's decision to take the NBN payments out of the picture as it sets the price for Telstra's fixed line services.

What's good for Telstra is good for NBN Co

The draft carrier licence condition released by the government penalises the industry in favour of Telstra and NBN Co. With the fate of both entities closely intertwined Telstra's rivals are running out of options.