Telstra's quest to stay relevant

The 'customer first' mantra may motivate the troops but true digital transformation requires a deeper, cultural change about where the customer fits into the final equation.

Telstra-NBN deal a Christmas gift for the Coalition

With NBN Co making steady progress in its quest to get a million or so premises ready to be connected to the NBN by the end of fiscal 2015, chief executive Bill Morrow has some good news on the $11.2 billion renegotiation with Telstra.

Telstra allots $1bn for Asia growth

Telco to set aside cash to spend on overseas ­acquisitions and infrastructure investments.

NBN Co posts Q1 loss of $252m

NBN Co’s latest quarterly numbers show progress, CEO says $11.2 billion Telstra deal on 'home stretch.'

ACCC's position on Telstra's NBN bounty a mixed blessing

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Optus and the Competitive Carriers Coalition welcome regulator's decision to take the NBN payments out of the picture as it sets the price for Telstra's fixed line services.

What's good for Telstra is good for NBN Co

The draft carrier licence condition released by the government penalises the industry in favour of Telstra and NBN Co. With the fate of both entities closely intertwined Telstra's rivals are running out of options.

iPhone frenzy boosts Telstra’s numbers

Vodafone continues to struggle in Australia as Telstra sweeps up iPhone buyers from rival carriers.

NBN complaints start to pile up as rollout gathers pace

Getting connected to the network and missed appointments the key bones of contention, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman says.

Telstra targets healthcare with new deals

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Telco turns its health-services division into a stand-alone ‘Telstra Health’ unit; launches telemedicine joint venture with Swiss company Medgate.

Telstra's NBN payments off the table: ACCC

Regulator decides against plugging Telstra’s NBN money into the equation as it makes the final access determinations on telco's regulated fixed line services.

Optus warns on Telstra power

Paul O’Sul­livan tips investment drought without new rules to crimp Telstra’s dominance.

Telstra unit Ooyala snaps up Videoplaza

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Acquisition of UK-based advertising start-up makes Telstra a serious player in streaming video.

Five key highlights from Apple’s latest result

The iPhone maker's cash hoard tips over the $US150 billion mark and it generated more money than any other US company in the past 12 months.

Access Denied: UK's broadband gap grows ever wider

The disparity in the quality of service between city and country in the UK is large and growing fast. Can BT bridge the divide in time?

Government grant to keep world’s biggest supercomputing facility in Melbourne

A $6.65 million grant from the Victorian government earmarked to carve out commercial opportunities and produce outcomes for the state’s health and biotechnology industry.

Former AAPT chief finds new home at Nextgen

Industry veteran joins Nextgen Network as managing director.

NBN Co moves to extend FTTN trial footprint

Fibre-to-the-Node component of the NBN starts to take shape with more than 140 suburbs in New South Wales and Queensland set to receive the technology.

Can HFC be NBN Co's saviour?

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow’s decision to create a separate HFC division was always on the cards -- and the move can’t come soon enough.

Why the NBN won't (always) make your internet faster

The NBN is great for shipping larger files but when it comes to websites it won’t provide much of a speed boost, if at all.

Vodafone customers gifted free international calls

Carrier celebrates its 21st birthday by giving customers free international calls to ten countries over the weekend.